First time post here; can anyone tell me about ordering through oldschoolskates.com?? Sketchiest website I have ever seen but want to believe it is not a scam. My wife said I am an idiot if I put credit card info or even create a profile in that site. Any info or experiences would be much appreciated


  • I feel your pain.
    But, I have actually had many successful transactions. You can trust them. The dude is just really old school.
  • I've gotten risers, trucks, gloves, etc...

    I even sent Andy Anderson there so he could get some more of those Rector gloves he likes.
  • alot of ppl here have gotten stuff from oss so ur good boss
  • Yeah, it is legit.
  • I have bought a heap of shit from Ossie and never been fucked over!
  • Cheers gents! Scariest part is entering a credit card blindly without knowing what shipping will be I guess.
    Site is picked pretty clean but still some gems there. I see there are some bulk sales on trucks/wheels. Do those sales change from time to time?

  • It is legit. It can take them a while to sort out your order.

    I've been told that he's sitting on quite the horde - so it does make sense to check back from time to time. His Powell decks haven't changed in 15 years though - in terms of adding new stock. Stock there has only dwindled.
  • Thanks again for the comments, just order a bunch of wheels.

    Here is a topic I would like your opinions on, wheel collecting. All the wheels I have always collected, I had a set of 4. A few guys I trade with recently only collect 1 of each wheel. Thoughts?
  • Yeah; I don't understand that subculture.
  • I thought these guys were fucking crazy, too. But there are a few of them. Thanks for confirming that it is them and not me that lost it
  • The weirdo people who only collect 1 wheel instead of a set... Should be willing to buy single plys from a skateboard.
  • OSS rules
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