Natas blind bags

Does anyone know the details on those SMA/Santa Cruz Natas blindbags that are supposedly coming out in February?

In August they went up on a few sites as pre-sale and were pulled down same day because NHS did not want them presold that far out. I have not heard anything on these since then.


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  • I have seen that post with the photos of the 9 different variants, but first time I have seen a date attached to the release. Thanks for sharing and good to know it is Feb 19th.

    I think all variants are pretty dope except for the photo sequence one
  • That "randomly inserted new vintage" gimmick is a great idea!
  • Chaos!

    People thought it was messy when the signed BB blems went on sale in December ....
  • Natas Blind Bag Product Challenge:
  • Ya, it was madness. They made 10,080 total decks I found out. Not sure what a recent Bones Brigade roll out is but I imagine slightly less total. BB was way more civilized than this last 18 hours of sites completely crashing. I got 7 total so hopefully I can at least get a set of the 6 common variants.

  • I ended up getting 12 blind bags. Have opened 3 so far
  • Gold and Silver are so terrible and lazy.
  • Agree! I thought I would like those when it was announced, but in person the raised ink is not as visible as it should be. From 10 feet away it just looks like a gold blob.
  • Got 2 from NHS on the drop day... the site crashed for 20 minutes with error codes left and right! Pretty frustrating considering they had advertised this for 6 months and knew it would be nuts! I talked to a few people I know over there and found out a few interesting details... main dude runnin the site said there were 1,200 people on the NHS site at 7:00 that day. They had 500 for their website... that’s it haha, once the site became operational they sold out in less than 2 minutes! The majority of the people able to secure them apparently used Apple Pay and allowed them to check out quicker. Majority of NHS employees seem to have been given 1-2 of the decks as well. NHS doesn’t think the OG board has been “found” yet and the guy I know assured me it is actually in the wild when I questioned whether or not it might just go to a friend of NHS hahaha. He also claimed that the 6 normal boards where made in the same quantities even though it seems like there are less green ones ;)

    Anyway, I ended up getting the prismatic and gold prismatic! Pretty stoked! Found the photo deck and gold deck from a local dude on the interwebs hahah.

    Happy collecting and happy Friday dudes!!!
  • this one dude on my fb list got like 8 of them
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    I saw on one of my facebook groups this morning that the original has been found.

  • Interesting info @jsidez. A buddy of mine I trade decks with has a tracker going of all the 50 hand painted and black/gold signed decks. So far he has only 4 of each that have surfaced (for the black/gold #'s 19/50, 22/50, 27/50 & 37/50 ....hand painted 14/50, 15/50, 20/50 & 46/50). Of course there are guys who opened them and have no desire to
    tell people or list them on Ebay, but it is a good sign that so few have come to light so far. I am sure we would hear about the 1/1 OG whenever it is found. Check out these pics of 2 unopened boxes of 5 I 14 of 2014 means it is 5 of the first 100 packed, not that big of a deal. But box 1988 I am pretty stoked about. What if they packed the OG deck deck in the box # from year that Panther 3 came out?? At least that will be a good story to tell as long as the OG doesn't surface.
  • Haha! I see @BackInAction and I posted on the same minute so my post (hope) about the OG is down the drain. I guess there are always the other 50x2 rare decks to shoot for
  • Wow! Scotia686.... Holy cow Batman!!!! Well done on getting so many and the work tracking them is legendary to say the least! I’ve been considering buying some on OfferUp, that site seems to be flooded right now for the San Diego - LA areas where I’m at....just don’t want to get another damn gold one jk... Got 4 on the wall now, I’m also glad I took em outa the plastic... there were a few spots on several that needed a minor touch up / wipe.... that plastic can do more harm than good in my opinion over the years!

    Have you opened all yours yet? Signed one? Gotta say I’ve had a lot of fun with this drop too!

    Anyways cheers everybody
  • @JSIDEZ message me before you buy anymore blind bags, especially on OfferUp. Got some info for so you don’t make muska the a lot of others are
  • Even if it is lazy, I kind of like gold foil decks.
  • "Anyway, I ended up getting the prismatic and gold prismatic! Pretty stoked!"

    Samesies, was very happy.
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