Bones Brigade Video 5

According to intros and cover artwork,
Public Domain is video 4
Ban This is video 6

What happened to "VIDEO 5"

Propaganda is #7 and seems to be the last BB video.


  • Everyone forgets about Axe Rated. I am quite sure that is #5
  • You're right.

    "Everyone" included Stacy and whomever else is involved with the PP YouTube channel.

    The listing on here for the digital download identifies it as #5 but also said it wasnt intended for sale.
  • yea i believe it was just a skate shop only vid/promo vid
  • Yea, it was only like 30 minutes long, seemed like out takes from Chin and some not skate footage that found it's way onto Public Domain.

    I had a copy years ago, got it from my the old skate/surf shop I hung around. The cover was signed by both Stacy and George. Around 15 years ago I sold it on ebay when I needed cash. I wish I still had it.
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    I have a copy in a box somewhere. It totally is just a promo vid, not as rad as a full length but yet still pretty rad for being what it is if that makes sense..?
  • If anyone wants to watch Axe Rated ^^
  • But did Ms. Kathryn parlay her role in the PP universe into commercial success like Johnny Rad?
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