bruh dropping in and rolling in on vert

i like cannot drop in on vert or roll in on it i can drop in and roll in on those 9 ft ramps that dont curve but cant do it


  • yep vert is a whole other beast
  • Keep trying. What is the worst that can happen?
  • ye man i just learned yesterday finally learned how to do it now i can finally play follow the leader
  • also i chipped my board adn dont wanne buy a new one its like a big peice
  • this is my skate park
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    Anybody see that huge Samoan dude that been training w Sheckler and tried to drop in on Tony’s 13 ft ramp lmao!! I think he broke a rib or two, it’s on YouTube. I think he’s gearing up for another go too!!! I love skating so god damn much man!!!!!
  • the one i wanna learn is 14 ft i think
    its very scary
  • i can only do the 10 ft
  • From the 'bruh', lack of grammar and punctuation I would guess you are 16, maybe 17...No offense meant by that, I have a teenager so easy to spot.
    I know at your age pads and helmet are not cool to wear, but I would suggest padding up and trying the 14'. With helmet, knee pads and wrist guards you really can't do any harm. Once you get it down you can take them off. That's my two cents.
  • i think maybe u could just go to the top and slide down on ur butt a good few times to get the feeling of it
  • I second pads.
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    If you can kickturn near the top of it, you can drop in on it.
  • its just the staying on my board that is hard for me also i am 14
  • When my boys were 10ish I would pad them up (knees, elbows, wrist, helmet) and make them 'walk off' the edge of the top. Teaching them to fall correctly on the knees and bending backwards. Sounds weird but if you can fall correctly you will gain more confidence. That is my advice and worked for me and kids. They still wear knee pads on vert but have dropped elbow and wrist
  • mmm so basically fall down it and it gives you the feel
  • this is the like the one i want to learn

  • The ramp on the right of your pic is in Mesa, AZ...10 miles from me.
  • dang cool do u skate it
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