how do u fix a chipped board

my board is like chipped bad and a peice is missing how do i like replace that peice maybe im too broke to


  • I've Gorilla Glued chips (bigger) ones on top and then put a small piece of grip if needed if it is a place that grip is essential. Easier way is just to pony up $50 and buy a new deck
  • wood glue work nice
  • Wood filler then regrip maybe if on top. It would have to be a special deck though if I ever wanted to do that lmao! Cheers!
  • ye i think i fixed it
    i thought it would be weaker but it seems almost like stronger
  • Can we all pitch in and send dshcurtie a product box?! Kam? Does skate one have a friends and family discount code?

    I know NHS has a monthly code for that! 25% off! Dshcurtie if ya need a code for a dope discount to get a new setup let me know dude! I hate having busted gear ;) cheer!
  • it's just a chip no big woop
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    @dshcurtie what brand do you normally ride (and size)? I like @Jsidez's idea of putting together a product box for you somehow. I just saw he is 14 and pushing it on the vert so got to love and support that.
    I'll pitch in 100% as long as the product box has a Hooked On Phonics in there, too. I don't want to see him working at In-N-Out Burger when you are 25.
  • Second that!
  • There are some epoxy based wood fillers that I use around the house. Would probably be good for a deck. Cures extremely strong.
  • Don’t fix it....Use it as an excuse to buy a new deck!
  • i rock a 8.0 deck and ye i can buy it now i dont need a discount but thanks
  • i use element it would actuallky be nice for a discount
  • thanks JSIDEZ and scotia686
  • it is a special deck lol i learned everything i now on it and ive done some cool things on it with me homies
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