Shadow Boxes

How are the 16x31 shadow boxes that Michaels sells? Reviews on their site arent as informative as those on this forum would be.

(For hanging a Cab street deck)


  • I can’t speak for the Michael’s one you are referencing and I bet you are hard pressed to find any guys in here who would admit they like shopping at Michael’s.
    But I have had a few decks in shadow boxes before (Hawk foundation had a Bones Brigade sale 2+ years ago on Skate1 that came in SBs). I did not liked boxed and the way it looks to me on the wall with other hanging decks is weird. I like the style of having them all with sk8ology hangers and maybe a mix of slats. I guess you could do all shadowboxes but that would be $$$. That’s my 2 cents
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    They are on sale for $25 so I picked one up.

    2 screws through the back like the popular hangers and mounted to the wall with picture frame wire.

    There is only 1 board hanging, so it might not be as bad aesthetically - but I agree that it would be a much larger project if there were several boards on display.
  • I can't access the Michael online store maybe it's currently not available, I want to buy a shadow box for y room do you know any other store where I can buy a shadow box?
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    home depot,lowes basically any home improvement store and the michaels website is working for me
  • I have 3 of the shadow boxes from Michael's - they kick ass. (I'm at work, so I can't upload a photo now). But the one thing to remember is that they only fit the "shorter" decks (think - Skull and Sword length - or mini decks - I have a mini TG in one now). The majority of my collection WILL NOT fit into these boxes. If they made them 3 inches longer, they'd be perfect.
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