Removing griptape

I just bought a great Vision Gonz set up (reissue). It is bright and loud with baby blue Gullwing Supper Pro IIIs and OJ Scudwads for wheels. Problem is the guy who did the grip did a very lame all black gripjob on top this blue deck. I have never taken grip off and Googled and saw suggestions about using hairdryer and a razor carefully. Anyone done this and then re-gripped a deck? Any issues or things to tips? My biggest concern is that there is residue that will remain.


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    That setup sounds awesome! For grip tape, I use a hairdryer and a piece of edged plastic. Just get a corner going and pour on the heat as you pry it up. You can regrip over the residue, or use Goo Gone.
  • yea use a heat gun and razor blade and just take ur time
  • From my experience....Mob Grip is easy to remove, but jessup really sticks and leaves a lot of adhesive stuck on the deck.
  • I've done it using a hairdryer and a razor, just being extra careful. I got a whole sheet of Mob off easily that had never been ridden. It just pulled right off. I don't know how advisable this is and would be interested to hear what others have to say - I once used Oops or something similar to remove residue after removing grip that had been used for a long time and left a lot of sticky residue. Worked without harming the paint, though I don't know if that's necessarily always the case.
  • Appreciate all the feedback. Having the paint intact is important because I want to do a custom grip job on top and part of the deck will be exposed.
    Anyone use goo gone or Oops effectively without damage? Otherwise it would look like shit regripping over any tacky stuff, right?
  • Goo Gone has worked great for me once and failed me once. It was good on grip residue that was pretty new (2 years?), but failed at 30+ year old residue removal. When it worked, there was no paint damage, but the deck was kind of shiny for a while.
  • Hey guys!!! I’ve taken off many a grip haha!!! One pro tip to take it off in one piece... use a wooden dowel about as wide as the board and wrap the grip around it as it comes off. Use a blow dryer if no heat gun. As it wraps around you can pull it easy with the dowel! Cheers!
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