Value of unused LM FP series 10 deck?

So I'm looking to sell my Future Primitive series 10 reissue. Unused, just a wall hanger. I haven't come across any online or anything. Anyone here know what it may be worth?


  • I have that same one. I have seen a few of those BB10 Mountain decks sell recently in the $225-$250 range on Ebay. Market is hot right now so could go for more.
  • @scotia686 is that USD? I'm in Canaduh-land.
  • Yes, USD. Since Canadian dollar is weak against the USD now you benefit. List on EBay no reserve and starting at $1. End auction on a Saturday night so there are lots of people on bidding. It will do just fine and make good $
  • I am not touching that one! ????
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