Are BB Reissues Dead?

Have we seen the official end of the Bones Brigade reissue decks?


  • seems like it
  • I talked to a guy who is pretty connected and he says there is no way a BB series is released in 2021. As we all know orders are so far behind and lagging so they are catching up with making all the other reissues. There might be a BB13 announcement X-mas time, but he said who knows when BB13 would be released in 2022.
  • Thats what I was thinking as well. With the huge success of series 12 and the other series. There is no way I can see them ending it yet. And I talked to Animal Chin and he said when things catch back up. They are planning on coming out with a few of their og wheels that they haven't reissued yet. So I got the same picture that they are really behind and weren't able to do a release this year. The Canadian pre orders just got delayed. 2 get released in July, 2 in August and 2 in September is the new Canadian release dates
  • yea they havent shipped any bucky decks to the uk yet and gave my uk skateshop homie a new date of june 15th but we will see
  • Speaking of wheels as you mentioned, same guy told me T-Bones on the horizon. Would be awesome if that does happen
  • edited June 2021
    t-bones and cross bones and baby bones and possibly street style would have to be on the list cause they never been reissued
  • I asked for Powell Freestyle wheels, they have freestyle decks they still reissue so they really need to come back out with their og freestyle wheels
  • Encouraging words everyone! I hope you are right. Both about a series 13 in 2022 and new reissue wheels! Xbones!
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