Addicted to Powell

So here is a little glimpse of my board skate collection.


  • These are all new products just from the last two months. Ive got the addiction really bad. There are two full completes behind it as well
  • I have this condition where I didn’t skate as a kid very much but got brainwashed by the Ray Rodriguez Skull and Sword art and also the McGill Skull and Snake art, but the Skull and Sword is somehow burned into my psyche. By chance I saw them on Amazon in 2014 and bought them immediately.

    I gave away the McGill 4 years later because I wasn’t skating them at all, but held onto the Skull and Sword because it’s the greatest skateboard artwork in the history of skateboard artwork! That might be the brainwash talking but yeah, Powell Peralta has been in my veins since childhood.
  • Nice start @Pilgor95 . It is addicting for sure. I had 2 or 3 decks for a long time and (somehow) now have over 200. I have to have them delivered to my work now because my wife flips out every time one shows up at home.
  • hahahaha
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    @Pilgor95 What are the completes?

    @scotia686 Too funny! My 15 year old daughter was the first to comment on my purchases of decks. I buy 2 when I can, one to hang and one to skate.

    Was at the Boston Museum of Modern art a few weeks back and I saw some decks hanging in the shop. They had the Andy Warhol style Campbell’s Soup cans on them. I asked the clerk at the register “how much for a skateboard” and she responded, “ahhhh, an Andy Warhol fan”, and I replied, “no, actually, I’m a skateboard fan” and the look on her face was like I just took a dump on the counter, so I felt obliged to add, “....”but who *isn’t* an Andy Warhol fan?” LOL.

    The decks were $200/piece or 8 for $1600. There are other decks like that as well, check it:

    I don’t count these as skateboard art though. More like “other” art that someone put on a skateboard. Big difference IMHO.
  • Oh this isn't the start, I've been collecting for two years. This is just my new product couch for decks and stuff I want to set up. I have decks on my walls and just laying around everywhere. My family gives me so much shit for it but I have my own place and I pay the bills so they can shove it. But yeah, the product couch is just new products or boards I assembled that haven't been rode yet.
  • The completes are a black label Riky Barnes red baron. That's my fuck you indy sell outs deck. I'm getting stickers made so I can make it look like the guy in the airplane is bombing the independent factory because they suck ass for removing the cross and selling out to the ignorant snowww flakes. Basically says we were a bunch of racist bigots riding indys all these years because it has the popes cross. Not the iron cross. Same think like the east indian peace symbol is a swastika that isn't tilted on an angle. Same thing, iron crosses have flat edges while the popes cross has round edges. The iron cross came way before the nazis and is the German version of the Victoria cross or medal of honor. Tangent aside, the other complete is a series 12 Mullen, indy 109s with cross baseplate, bones swiss, blue g bones that I'm going to switch out for a freestyle set
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    Hey guys I'm selling my Lance Mountain crest

    Apart from some minor scratches, all the art is in surprisingly great condition. The black paint under the tail has use scratches, easy restoration project if you're planning on framing it.
    Personally, I'd frame it as is. But know. I know, you don't give a fuck about my personal opinions.

    Seriously now, no bends. No twists. Good condition for real.

    here's the link

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