Looking to sell my 80's Tony Hawk

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Hey guys,
Newbie here. My son started skateboarding so I decided to dust off some old decks from the 80's that I had in high school. A have a Tony Hawk deck and a Vision Gonzales deck. The local skateboard shop guys told me my Tony Hawk deck is worth some money. They directed me to your forum for advice. I'm looking at selling it to pay for all the skateboard stuff for my son and me. Can someone recommend a good place to sell? This Forum? Ebay? Facebook marketplace? I don't really know what the board is worth. Saw some on eBay but not sure if they're realistic prices. If someone can offer some advice that would be great! Sorry I don't know how to share pics here. If you message me I can email pics. Thanks in advance!


  • since it is an og go to ebay and u can easily get a few hundred for it
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    It's getting hard to sell rare stuff that's been reissued; the aggravating thing to me is that sometimes you see the reissues going for more!
  • Thanks for the info guys! Yeah...reissues selling for more than the originals definitely doesn't make sense! If I'm not gonna get much for it then I'll sit on it for awhile. No hurry.
    Maybe I'll just hang it on the wall. Thanks again (^_-)
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