Price Increase

Can't believe I'm the first to mention it. I get that SkateOne can't undersell their competitors - hopefully we don't see shop prices rise to the $97 level. (And $87 for a blem, LOL.)

I think I've been on this board for 15 years now, and I've bought almost every reissue that's come out. But yeah, I'll look to other brands/hobbies before I pay ~$100 for a deck.


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    nope me and someone else mentioned it in the new products thread and my dude who has a shop in the uk already sells the reissues for 150 bucks in euros so that price is gonna be nasty for other countries
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    George issued a statement about 2 weeks ago @cwalker3 , it was all over Facebook, and I mentioned it here, on Oct 1st, in regards to how to tell the difference between Powell reishs. The issue is, people will pay it, and do!
  • Yeah, tough to follow along these days, with you guys just posting info in completely random threads. I guess that makes more sense than a property titled discussion on the topic. *shrug*
  • I guess I could see a relevance to the completely random thread, hence why I put it there, rather than starting another. I wasn’t diluting your statement, merely adding to it @cwalker3 *shrug*
  • @cwalker3 thanks for being one to start this conversation....I too was wondered why no one mentioned it.
    I used to buy ever reissue, even ones I didn't want all that bad. 21% increase will certainly make me target only ones I really want and will leave the others alone. Will only buy now with I get the 15% off codes as well.
  • If you like to buy American quality as much as I do, check out Select Distribution. Home of Hosoi, Vision, and Schmitt Stix. Most decks are still $74.95 and free shipping at $80.00. All American made! No outsourcing to China and Mexico. The Dorfman's are amazing business owners as well that really care about the customer. Skate one's customer service has gone to shit over the years along with their quality. I am no way in Hell paying $97.00 for a deck that was $60.00 a year and a half ago. I have more than enough of the same graphics in plenty of different colorways. It's time to pay homage to some other reissue companies. Brand-X Toxic also makes some great American made decks.
  • the industry have been wanting 70 dollar decks for a good while and they finally got their wish
  • SkateOne decks now sitting like bricks at online and brick and mortar stores everywhere...

    In addition to the price increases, the quality has also taken a major nosedive in the opposite direction - as decks are now about .04 inch thinner - and as a result, are flimsy, floppy, wet noodles.

    What the heck is going on?
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    I will continue support the company via Bones wheels + bearings, Tail Bones (which work great in the new format even w/o sex bolts btw), an occasional Flight Deck splurge, and w/e cheap Powell Classic decks I can score on Ebay. But I agree, what the hell is going on with reissues? These shapes are becoming more popular than ever, and they're cutting more corners?
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    Yeah, good conversation there. It's really sad, I hope they reverse course on wherever they've moved production. It's absolutely crazy that prices have gone up, and quality also has gone down at the same time.

    I bought a Bucky reissue in June from Vu, for $70. It says it was made in Mexico. But it seemed alright - usual thickness, etc.

    I bought another Bucky in November from Darkslide, for $50. He was blowing them out, I guess because he bought too many and they were sitting. Also made is Mexico. It's about .04 inch thinner that the June Bucky. I can make in bend with my own two hands. It feels like a toy.

    Seeing decks absolutely sit and gather dust, seeing vendors like Darkslide get desperate, and listening to other vendors complain about zero-demand on Facebook, etc. - a reckoning is for sure coming.
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    yep in my mind i have to believe that since george spent so many years making stuff that it has to be killing him mentally to have to outsource his stuff cause he obviously takes worksmanship seriously and probably pretty bummed to move to other countries but then again the powell china factory has been in the works since the 80s so who knows
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    What's ridiculous is that no one - no one - is making or saving money by making a deck .04 inch thinner. THAT is just a bad design/manufacturing decision. A really really bad one.

  • I would rather not have a China made deck but my favorite pops to ride are Powell's, though I might be missing out on something. You guys are only talking about the reissue decks, right?
  • In addition to the reissues - the new 7 Ply Andersons are made in Mexico, as is the Hot Rod, and the 7 ply Ban This Cab
  • I have multiple Powell’s from Mexico that are fine. I have a Bucky from June that’s great. My Bucky from November feels like a thin, bendy toy. Both from Mexico.
  • yea all shaped decks and most pop decks are done in mexico and china only boards usa made are the flight decks
  • Their Mexican made decks are top notch, better than their USA made garb. I also skate Mexican made PS STIX decks and they tend to be thinner than the older SkateOne decks, but just as stiff and solid. SkateOne started going downhill in quality around 2009-2010, when they stopped having natural rails and started painting them in my opinion.
  • These new thinner decks are for sure not stiffer. You can twist them with your hands, and they are a floppy mess under my 190 pounds.

    Mexico can make nice decks - of course. Powell made nice decks in Mexico, as recently as early summer. They stuff they are putting out now is not up to the usual engineering standards.
  • Fair enough. My Bucky must be one of the earlier ones too!
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    Does anyone know if we still get a rewards bonus on our birthday? I guess that would be the only way I would buy another deck at these prices. Man, looking back at my order history I was on a good run. I get back to buying decks in March and 7 decks later....right up until October. I haven't bought a deck since.

    I'm sorry, I do have to say one thing. Every single time I've contacted CS (Kam) He's always taken care of the problem fast. Whatever it was. Kam, if you guys every go back to reasonable prices...PLEASE let us know!

    edit also, when's the last time Skate1 had a sale? I remember a couple years ago there would be 10% or 15% off sales throughout the year.
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    not gonna be any sales for a long time peeps trying to rake in that cash and manufacturing is expensive right now so if u want any sales please go to the specials section of the website and as someone who has their own brands as well i wouldnt want to do any sales either as i had to change my pricing and yes we should still be getting bday reward points im not sure who is in charge of the program but sometimes getting points can be super slow
  • Your Birthday reward points should get emailed to you on or right after your Bday. Email me if you did not get them so I can help. Kam.
  • Been a customer since the mid-2000’s - I haven’t got squat for any birthday!
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