243 v. 248 shapes

I'm looking to get an 8.25 Flight and they come in both the 243 and 248 shape both k20 concave. I can see the subtle difference in the nose and tail between the two shapes but not sure how to determine what the difference in feel would be. It's interesting that of the 8 Flight models in 8.25 6 of them are 243 and just 2 are 248. Any insights on the differences between these two shapes, how they feel, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  • The roundness of the nose / tail is the only difference. The 243 shape will be fuller and the 248 more tapered.

    243 gives a bit more room to stand on.

    248 initiates rotation flips (all your tre flips, varial flips, hardflips, etc..) a bit easier

    I prefer 243. If you are coming up from an 8.0 and do flip tricks you may like the 248.
  • Thanks, that's great to know and really helps me make the decision.
  • I actually found out that I slightly prefer the 243 too, and that's after several years of skating 248's and laying in a small stockpile of them. The tiny bit of extra real estate is what makes the difference, I think. Again, it's minor.
  • The 243 I am on is a flight. Due to some manufacturing quality control it actually measures at 8.38. And the last 249 I had measured at 8.62.

    I did pick up a 248 flight to compare the differences back to back, but before I gripped it I noticed it looked narrow. It measured 8.18, which was too narrow for the 149 trucks I was going to put on it and I ended up returning it.
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