Current decks - why so thin?

How do we feel about the design change on reissues? Since about the beginning of the year, decks have been produced thinner.

I actually have a 2021 Bucky, and a 2022 Bucky. 2021 is a nice usable, great quality deck. The 2022 is a thin and floppy toy.

I have 5 of these 2022’s. Perhaps related, 3 of them twisted, and look mangled.

Hoping this changes. After about, jeez, 200 reissue purchases - I can’t buy any more of these thin decks.


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    that sucks and maybe a different wood supplier or something
  • Or manufacturing process. The plys are just thinner. It definitely decreases the weight. But the flex is significantly more. And again, 60% of mine have twisted.
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    Mexi or US Tex? A lot of buyers rate the sexy Mexi manufacturing, myself included. I skate them too.
  • Both my Bucky’s are made in Mexico. One (the newer one) is thinner than the other.
  • mexican wood flexes alot i noticed it skating someone's baker board years and years ago
  • I skate a Mexican Blacklabel, a Watson’s Blockhead, and OG Powell Peralta at the moment. The Blacklabel is definitely the thinnest, but they all flex equally as it is also the widest.
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    Here is one of the new thin decks. In addition to be really flexxy - notice it’s twisted and mangled.
  • Here is a pic of a new thin Welinder. Beyond being extra flexy- notice the severe twist.
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    And as I said, I've bought 5 of these thin boards this year - 3 are twisted like this. I have 200 other Powell's from over the years - and maybe 3 are twisted. All stored in the same 50% humidity / 72 degree area.
  • Wow. That’s bad. Although I have seen a similar twist in many BB series and reishs that are US made. Idk what’s going down. They all seemed really good early on.
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    Yeah, I have no doubt that sturdy wood can come out of any country. And I have a 2021 Mexican Bucky that's the "old", thick construction. So not saying it's a Mexico issue, at all.

    Speculation in other places is that they are not allowing them to cure long enough. But doesn't address the fact that a conscious decision was made to make them thinner.

    @gap chimed in long ago on the issue, and shared that construction should be .450". I don't have calipers to measure, but I bet these are closer to .350".
  • @AnimalChin - does the warranty cover twisting?
  • Since we can not control how the decks are stored, warping is only covered for a limited time after purchase. 30 days after purchase is our norm for covering warping.
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    @AnimalChin - thanks. I store all 220+ the same way, but sadly the newer, thinner decks are the one's that are twisting. Any comment on insight into this new design process?

    Beyond being clearly thinner, there is concern in the community that glue cure times are being aggressively condensed.

    Can we get the thicker builds back?!
  • I can forward your questions to our Quality Control Dept. I believe our curing time for the veneers has remained the same. It is an interesting question as to why a deck would not warp the first month but months or years after if they are all kept in the same environment.
  • Thanks @AnimalChin - to clarify, I have literally hundreds of older, pre-2021 decks that are fine. Much thicker construction. The pivot to these thinner boards about 12 months or so ago, have twisted at a much higher rate.
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    Is the wood for the ply veneers not cured for long enough (too wet)? That may be a supplier issue as opposed to a construction issue @AnimalChin
  • Speculation is related to the glue @WakeInFright
  • I bought myself a wide one for the summer, for the first time in my life. Many say that, like, if the leg is 10us, then a supposedly wide board is needed. Decided to try. But 7.85 was fine with me. Let's see if I can really feel the difference.
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  • What’s with all the mfing spam?
  • Just another day around these parts!
  • I think I got it all, a new record!
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