Andy's set up ML trucks

Andy Anderson talks about his board set-up including Mini Logo Trucks on More Nine Club, an offshoot of The Nine Club:
15:38 in


  • Cool video, but Andy doesn't mention what size Mini Logo trucks he uses on the new deck.
  • Elsewhere he said 8.38
  • Looks like Mr. Anderson is going to be in the next BATB.
  • Andy has a bag of fun stuff that will create problems in a game of skate. But that front font impossible shows everyone that he’s gonna be able to hang with absolutely anyone, even if he’s not going first.
  • edited September 2023
    Learning to skate in the 80s, I quit before switch or nollie tricks became common. Then when I started again in the 2000s I didn't really want to do switch or nollie tricks.
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