McGill deck Identification help

Hey all ! OS skate dad here from the Chicago area ! Glad to be part of the community still ! I have 2 boys that have taken off with the scene and have their own collection on their walls ! My son came across two identical Mike McGill Powell decks , but he is not sure if the authenticity of them . Take a look at the images and let me know . It doesn’t state Powell Peralta , just Powell . Has the writing SOC 2000 under a 25th Anniversary Special Edition XvX marking . Deck is brown with green snake and yellow lightning around the skull . I looked online for a match of the 75 th anniversary special edition and haven’t found a match yet ….

Unfortunately probably not for riding after the original owner drilled wall mounting holes in them :( , but even the eyes don’t have the actual eyeballs in the skull ….
I’m not an expert in older or reissues , but just looking for any info on the deck . I have two of them . It looks like the top may be birdseye maple but there are no logos on the top , Just grain . Thanks in advance all !!


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