wheel wells?

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With all the work put into the re issues how come they dont have wheels wells? That would make something that is already cool WAY cooler. Always wanted to know.


  • i believe that setting up the extra station to the assembly line would cause a bit more work for everyone which in turn would drive up the cost of the decks. plus screening on a deck with wells could be a bit tricky. ill pass the idea around though. thanks
  • Ill pick up the bill for the wheel wells....Im sure you guys can swing and extra set of hands to do wheels wells. Come on VISION does them........VISION. You are at POWELL!!!(peralta). Man no wheel wells= bummer!
  • Vision decks are made in china. would you also like us to use lead based paint like other companies. its not as easy as it sounds to just add another station or "another set of hands". the whole process of making the board would need to be changed and the overall production time would be increased as well as the end price. does 79.99 sound a little much for a deck? it does to a large majority of the consumers, and that is why we don't add wheel wells. keeping everyone happy and skating is the way to go.
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    yea vision is no longer the same company cause airwalk bought it they also bought sims snowboards,dukes shoes and payless! and when u own a manufacturing company u need to be in compliance with state and national law and the epa. there are rules to using paint and stuff like that...if u use lead type paints it can cause a whole shit load of problems not only with ur employees but with the work environment and the environment outside of the building and it can also cause legal problems and u dont want to deal with that!u can easily get ur business shut down if u dont follow the rules! alright im done hahaha
  • powell always goes out of their way for the consumers so a little small detail like that isnt a big deal just use bigger risers
  • Well for the record i was not really mad about this even though the response felt angry. Im just an excited powell peralta guy, thats all.
  • yea i hear u
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    Wheel wells would be great. You could sand your own, but it would nice if more skateboard companies would bring them back, now that skateparks are abundant and big wheels are back.
    Until then, I can deal with 1/4 inch risers above my loose trucks.
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    i have taken a reissue purple mcgill jetfighter, sanded it down and made my own wheel wells. came out great !
  • let's see it
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