Current Riders List

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-Cab Chinese dragon- for curbs and street
Indy 159 with bones bushings
Big balls
60mm rat bone dragons
Rib bones

-Steadham spade-for bowls, banks, parks
Indy 169 with bones bushings
Big balls
60 mm rat bone dragons
Rib bones


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    Rider 1-- every day
    deck-- SMA Natas reissue ("Blind Bag prismatic silver") I got one of the crappy-looking ones! It blinds me whenever it flips over on a sunny day.
    trucks-- Indy 159s, Indy bushings
    wheels-- Rat Bones 60mm, green

    Gambled on Blind Bags, got nothing but duds. Luckily, I like the shape a lot.

    Rider 2-- messing around
    deck-- mid 1970s? Jensen, orange
    trucks-- Jensen
    wheels-- Orangutan 70mm longboard wheels, orange

    Just cruising around on this thing is challenging. How did people deal?

    Rider 3-- lives in my trunk
    deck-- original Sims "Slight Buzz"
    trucks-- Gullwing Street Shadows
    wheels-- OG Slime Balls, 60mm dark green

    Found this on Ebay, in good shape but graphic mostly missing-- cheap!

    I know, not much PP stuff, but all are kept going with Speed Cream and Bones Swiss.

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