Powell Peralta Tony Hawk Deck

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're all doing well. I was hoping for some help from you all. My Aunt gave me a Powell Peralta skateboard back in the early to mid 90's and I used it quite a bit as a kid. I've held on to it all these years and after cleaning out my old room at my Mom's house brought it back home with me thirty-something years later. I'm hoping to get the pics posted so you can see for yourselves but it's a Powell Peralta Tony Hawk deck with a 1983 copyright. I've looked around online and can find the similar graphics/coloring as mine but mine has a Levi's brand logo painted on the board as well - which none of the ones I can find online have.

Does anyone have any additional info about this deck they can share? Is the Levi's thing typical and make it more or less valuable? Is it really worth anything despite it being pretty banged up? I'll try posting pics below but I'm having issues. Is there any easy way to post photos?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • in order to post photos u have to use an external site such as imgbb then post the html code into ur message
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