Welinder Setup

Here's how mine turned out. Well done Powell Peralta!






  • Sweeeettt bro! It's bitchin... how's it handle?
  • Rad set up, it looks really awesome! Now thrash the hell out of it!!!
  • Sad to say I won't be riding it - I just collect the reissues. It's too small for me to ride. I ride new school shapes... If I'm feeling old school, I bust out a bigger board like the Frankie Hill.
  • I really like it!
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    T-Bones, Indys, Swiss bearings, Powell Plastics..of course. And yes Bill..it took me 2567 hours to cut the grip =)

    I told my self i wasnt going to skate this.. but im SO glad i did. It rides really well.. thought it was going to be too small but it actually handles great!
  • haha oh so sick as always the green is amazing
  • What are the dimension differences between the Blue & Grey Welinder's, if any?
  • I believe length and width are pretty much the same just different shapes. The blue one has a kicknose the grey one does not.
  • Damn Nick, wicked setup!!! And the grip job..... need I say more. Very impressive bro!
  • Think you got me beat Nick, well done!
  • Two for the office !!
  • that purple vallely colorway looks niiiiiiiiice. i just wish the top of the deck was purple. either way great looking board lovin the green on it. ;)
  • My Welinders.



    1988 NOS with Tracker Ultralites & 90a White Mini Rats

    2010 Reissue with White Indy 169 & 95a assorted Mini Rats (Skater)

    2010 GFL 1/10 Signed Welinder.

    Dont think I'll ever grow up?!
  • awesome boards hater.. please o please pull the white og apart & store it

    brings tears to my eyes to see rare beauties being grinded on lol
  • No fear there Dr Freedom it will never ever touch the ground.

    They are my pride and joy and the only decks I collect so rest assured it will carry on living life in it's protective skate bag in a dark cupboard.

    The re issue on the other hand will be seeing some use cruising down roads in Northern England where I live.

    If you ever hear of a NOS first edition in Pink then let me know as that was my original setup in 88 from Rip City Skates.

    There was a pink NOS second edition with hips on eBay that went for $820 a few weeks back....
  • i want that deck in pink so bad. the grey one is just so....not doing the graphic any justice. that white one looks great also..pops!
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    I just scored a nos white one in shrink.. me = stoked as

    my mate loves yer grey one thats setup hater.. He said you should add the new white rails theyve just reishd too.
  • Thanks Chaps.

    Dr Freedom your friend obviously has great taste... LOL as I was just waiting for Kam to send me the white ribs which arrived yesterday..... please see below.

    A word of advise though fellas the new rib bones are much thinner in both shape and colour. You can actually see the black screws through the sides of the white ribs... bit disappointing to be honest as I was expecting the same shape and consistency as the originals. :-( Sure the black ones will look a bit better as they wont be as see through.


    Heres one of the Grip on both decks as well. Obviously all stickers are NOS as you would expect...


    And Finally Nick heres a grainy 1988 snap of my original setup.... Jesus I wish I still had it!!!

  • Your white setup with the NOS stickers under the clear grip looks ROCKIN!! makes me wanna grab it and rip it up on a 4ft mini spine ramp!!

    Id love to get my hands on a Per wilender street also. WHERE? HOW MUCH and what are the dimensions on that bad boy?
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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( sheds multiple tears of joy*) thats pretty sweet. :) im loving the clear grip and sweet sticker selection on the top of the white welinder also. are those white indy 169's? i just bought a pair..they also look good on that deck.. Im actually thinking i may have to re-drill and grip my grey welinder now and put those white rails on there.. it looks way better on that deck than my green ones. I hate to re-drill..but im really diggin that set up.I have to re-think the whole board now.. great post!! thanx!!
  • the white rails finish it off nicely
  • My white Welinder has changed it's looks slightly and now is for sale on ebay if anyone is interested in buying it....

    I know the price is high but will listen to sensible offers.
  • Dont sell it. You will regret it. Wish I still had my mullen, natas, and hawk I sold. Soooo pissed I did that.
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