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Just curious why you have not re issued RIB BONES rails if your doing NOSE BONES & TAIL BONES? They fetch a good amount of money and im surprised you guys are not making them. And particular reason?


  • u missed the train holmes
  • ok, what did the train say?
  • we did have RIB BONES for quite a few years and sold out of them. they were all old stock (like the nose and tail bones) and we do not plan on making any more at this time. get them while we have them because they may never be made again. chooo chooo!!!
  • haha nice one jess
  • I saw Z's related thread on Skull & Bones hot discussions
    forum, people are willing to pay over $100 for Rib Bones???

    geez, I wish I still had some of my old ones, maybe get 50 bucks
    4 shredded ones, huh!
  • well, if your still looking for them , you can find them on ebay.
  • Is there a difference between the "rib bones" and the "thin ribs" ?
  • yeah id like to have more of the original rib bones.....but how bout some thin ribs in some new colors??? dayglow orange is cool but..can we get some dayglow green? or pink?
  • all of our stock of the plastics is original stock from the 80's and 90's. we dont plan on making anymore after we are sold out of what we have.
  • Forget the rib bones kids. Can any of you remember Gorilla Ribs?
  • oh hell yeah. they were awesome the were like an almost perfect rectangle shape much wider. every once in a while youll see an old skull and sword or ripper on
    ebay with em. very early 80's.
  • it would be awesome to get a nos pair in the shrink wrap.
  • orange is pretty sick depending on the shade
  • orange is cool... but more color options would be alot cooler
  • well like jesse said once they are gone that is it
  • in case anyone is looking ..........there is a set of black gorilla ribs on ebay right now nos. still has the original insert in the package. no shrink wrap but... whos complaining .probably never seem em again in that good of shape.
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