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  • Yeh it has mate. I've got a pair of Airwalk 600's on there way to me, next on the list to get will be Frankie Hill's new pro model.
  • now all we need is a ltd ed. deck to celebrate the occasion.. a fully signed Bones Brigade deck with the art done by VcJ
  • I hear you Dr freedom, that would be cool. I would also like to see some vintage PP posters reissued. Ah that nostalgic feeling makes me all gity inside. Hope they would do a tour or signing of some sort... At 32 I'm starting to feel 13 again with all this Bones Brigade news!!
  • As this sounds great...really great! but...I am wondering why certain names have not been mentioned? Ray "Bones", Jay Smith, Steve Olson, Teddy Bennett, Jami Godfrey, David Zakrzewski, Alan Gelfand, Steadham, Steve Rocco and Scott Foss to name a few? Some of these guys pre date 1984 but at the end of the day these guys (and i am missing quite a few more) area huge part of the Powell-Peralta and Bones Brigade history. Years ago you couldn't say the words McGill without including Gelfand...the same with Caballero and Foss.
  • You have to go back to class of (79) the original Bones Brigade Cab, Gelfand, Foss, Scroggs, Peralta, Godfrey, Jezalouski, Ray Bones, J Smith, McGill.
  • Ha! you really think George Powell or Stacy Peralta want anything to do with Steve Rocco. Plus when people think bones Brigade they think about the guys that made it famous in the second half of the 80s.
  • Yea, I agree. When I think of the Bones Brigade I think of Hawk, Mountain, Cab, McGill, and Tommy G. Mullen and Harris rounded out the "main cast" it were. Those guys were always the center piece of the BB, featured in all the videos, promo ads, and dominated deck sales. Obviously you can go back further to the days of Rodriguez and Gelfand....and you can include the guys who came up in the late 80s like Vallely, Siaz, Barbee, and so on. But to me, it's really the main 5.
  • yea those are the most talked about
  • Chris, I agree with you comment except for one left out skater. Per Welinder in my opinion was a bigger piece of the Bones Brigade than Kevin Harris. Harris had a little clip during the Johnny Rad part in Animal Chin, But Per was in Video Show and Future Primitive. Don't get me wrong, The Ice Man was a great Powell Peralta team member, but Per and Rodney were the two top freestylers. I am sure they will all be mentioned in the documentary, and I am super stoked to see it like all of you. Skate on forum members...
  • Oh man, I totally forgot Per......I don't know where my head was. You are 100% right.
  • I wonder what ever happened to Lori Rigsby and Daniel Gezmer. For those of you Public Domain fans, you will know who I am talking about.
  • To this day I'm confused about the Daniel Gezmer was just strange. Wasn't Lori Rodney Mullen's girlfriend at the time?
  • The Bones Brigade is really the 5 marketable guys imo & thats it, with Rodney Mullen as the offshoot freestyler.
    Otherwise you are really including everyone from Claus Grabke to Mike V etc etc as being the brigade because in the mid to late 80's, there were heaps of Powell riders.
  • true. the main 5: hawk, mountain, mcgill, guerrero, cab. those were the top 5 in my opinion and probably sold the most decks on average. mullen also being the "offshoot" freestyler that should be consisdered for thousands of obvious reasons is accurate.

    "To this day I'm confused about the Daniel Gezmer was just strange." um.. yeah WTF?? what a D Bag.
  • Don't forget, Grosso was on Powell in his am days. Do ams qualify as a members?
  • im sure there will be plenty of other appearances in the film.. but the main focus will be on the main 5. thats my guess. they also said there will be things told that "you never knew" curious about that.
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    Dogtown & ZBoys the doco & The Lords of Dogtown the movie take care of anything 1970'ish

    The Bones Brigade doco & any subsiquent movie, which is something I reckon we will see in the future, will take care of anything in the 80's

    The 90's & new millenium, well it sucks to be you lol (j/k) :)
  • hopefully ill be in the 90s one :D
  • 90's => docu "The man who souled the world" and movie "Streetdreams"
  • Technically Gleaming the Cube, Thrashin', and 5 minutes of Police Academy 4 covered the 80s.

    I watched the HELL out of those movies just for the (limited) skating that was in it. Gleaming the Cube was, and still is, an awesome movie. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to live in an under ground room with a pipe?

    Police Academy was funny as hell because Tony Hawk was the double for David Spade.....amazing, the character grew 6 inches when he was skateboarding. Lance was the other guys double. The funniest was when Per was doing the freestyle scenes for Slater and it was plain as day that it wasn't Slater....and he was riding a McGill freestyle board, like we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a street deck and a freestyle deck as long as it had the same graphics.

    Man the 80s were cheesy.....but oh so fun. A decade where I could wrap one shoe in duct tape and it was perfectly acceptable.

    And I still say grunge stole OUR look with the tshirts over log sleeve sweat shirts and shorts over sweat pants. But I digress.
  • Amen brother!
  • Chris, I think Rodney actually did the freestyle in Gleaming The Cube. I think it would be pretty cool if Powell Peralta would release that McGill freestyle with the regular in a set for the 25 anniversary of the movie in 2013.
  • Looks like what many of the people on this Forum need is a DeLorean ...
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    my dad had a DeLorean when i was a kid. i loved that car. =)
  • Brian, you are right. It was Rodney in Gleaming the Cube. Per did the skating for Marty in Back to the Future.....I got I usually do.

    Speaking of which, how many people first got into skateboarding because of Back to the Future? That was my doorway. I left the theater with my Dad and said "I want a skateboard."
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