bones brigade.....



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    i was into it just a little bit before that, i went on a trip to florida with family and my cousin was skating for G&S at the time and i went over to his friends house and they had a huge half pipe.. i had never seen one before, they were driving cars with skate stickers all over them, people were hanging out all day just watchin them skate... that was it. 2 hours of that and i knew i wanted to be a part of this culture asap. been doing it on and off now for over 20 years.. still lovin it.
  • for me it was ST "Possessed to skate" on MTV ... hooked on skateboarding ever since and huge ST fan.
  • "It's gotta be the shoes" The Bones Brigade rocking some Jordans... nice!
  • wow. love that pic. I know alot of people in my home town that first got into skating from back to the future. Good times. I remember listening to Beastie boys liscensed to ill album on the boom box and skating. lol
  • Hell yeah! I hear ya brother.
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    its the Rector kneepads that stick out in that pic for me.. always has been

    its how ramps riders used to make love with each other .. quad handplants, on the same bit of coping
  • My poor wife could care less about this sort of thing.
    But she has been informed she will be sitting down and watching this with me.
    In return i have to watch two "sappy Girlie Love movies"

    Im sure if she sees this it will open her eyes to my hobby!
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