Mcgill snake skin?? please!!!

Hello... i was just wondering if you guys are planning on doing a reissue of the mcgill snake skin deck???? i would love to have a fresh one to hang next to my well used from my early days!!! pretty please :) especially in silver and white ;)

one more Q are there any plans for the TH xt deck aswell?


  • if u are referring to the skull and snake graphic then u can find it here not in the colorway that u want it in though!
  • actually i mean't the later model... with the snakeskin backround :)
  • ill add this to the request form for you and see what we can do. im pretty sure you mean the deck with the bottle nose shape kinda similar to the Cab St. if im wrong just let me know and ill correct what im submitting. thanks
  • to make it easier heres a linkto some pics of mine... :) ( o yeah i was wrong... white and pink hahaha my memory aint so good these days
  • cool, thanks for sharing the photos of your old shred stick. ill forward this to the art department. thanks
  • sounds good thanks!!!
  • lets all keep our fingers crossed the new catalog will have one in it.............
  • sorry but not snake skin deck this time around
  • oh well.....theres always hope for next time. =(
  • yea that deck would be ripping. you are talking about the one from gleaming the cube right?
  • yeah..or any of the bones brigade videos with it in it. i have 2 of the pig shaped re-ssues one in blue and one in pink but..the nose is too short
    and your just limited to what can be done on it. that bottlenose shape is more versitale and has obvious upgraded graphics. just a better all around settle for a skull and sword with the better shape and full skelton graphics. ill just keep holding my breath until then........ =)
  • ill let the design guys know. thanks for the ideas!
  • [quote]sorry but not snake skin deck this time around

    Well that just really sucks!!! seriously should consider it!!
  • yeah i mean... you already have mcgills permission to do the graphic, the one you currently have is cool.
    dont get me wrong.. dont want to sound ungrateful but.....come on the bottlenose/snakeskin is BETTER!
  • ill be sending links to these threads about the deck to who needs to know. but for now its staying the same as the last catalog. Black with the spoon nose.
  • i dunno if i'd call that a spoon.. more like a snub.. we want the og "spoon" nose
  • Hump Bump

    DO IT!
  • DO IT NOW!!!!
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    there are threads in other forums calling for the snakeskin reish.. its been a while now, I reckon its a sure thing in the next catalogue..

    ill spew if it isnt lol :)
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    im positive we dont have to wait too much longer for the catalog i give it about 4 or so weeks before it is released since alot of other companies just put theirs out
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