Powell Skateboard Chair

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Hi everyone, 

I am selling of my 25th anniversary Powell Chair, it's the skull and sword graphic. it is in really good condition. 

If anyone is interested in it please get back to me @ flux604@hotmail.com for photos. 

I want it to go to a good home and I know someone here would love it as much as I do.


  • I want one of these chairs ... any of you handsome fellows ever build one or know where to get plans for one? I would like to use hoopla decks so I'm supporting the ladies.
  • they arent hard to make u just use boards for the arm rests and the back and the seat and u can also make bookshelves and tables with them and all kinds of stuff
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    The question just comes down to what board or boards you want to use.

    @Big_hOOters I would guess you could use one of those wood beach chairs and strip it down and have the decks fit for the arms, back and seat. That way you would be working off a frame. Just a suggestion.

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