PF wheels question

Im looking to get a set of the Bowl Bombers 64mm in the PF. I am wondering what the PF is in relation to Durameter . I tried looking for another post on my question but didnt find any in my search results .


  • I have some. Not sure on the exact durometer, I think it's something in the "B" scale, but I am sure they're killer. I ride em on concrete and masonite and they perform equally well on both
  • Yeah I ride smooth and not so smooth concrete bowls and a Skatelite mini ramp every now and then and right now im riding a set of Duane Peters OJ's and there 62mm 99a I feel there a little to hard on no so smooth surfaced cause I lose speed. 
  • Rode mine in a fairly rough backyard pool last fall and wasn't disappointed. I like the PF's cause they're fast and slide when you want em to.
  • They tell us it's just SPF's separated by brands not to confuse them w/ Bones...but...
    If you look at the Powell Peralta Cab wheels they say PF 83b...not the standard SPF 84b, but 83b like STF's are.

    So either they are just STF's secretly...or it's a different formula and thats why all the legend guys like El gato, Hosoi, Cab etc skate them on indoor and outdoor bowls. (I know Hosoi is on Type-S, but he has been using the cab wheels and Bones SPF Grind For Life 60mm wheels for a while now).
  • shame on him
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