I've noticed that there are people here that are not on other forums and with that being said it seems fitting to have a want list that speaks to a broader audience.

Here are my current wants:
Sims - Slight\Full Buzz
Tracker - Dan Wilkes - Full
Lake - Nightmare II Mini

photo PhotoGrid_1428079471119_zpsc4ndrgco.jpg


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    Alva….'Tex' Gibson and Eddie Reategui(fighting fantasy graphic), Tri-tails
    Vision….Mark Gonzales(Two faces about to kiss/vase)
    Santa Cruz….Grosso(The one with that big mofo demon)
    Zorlac….Aaron Deeter(Pushead graphic)
  • @wakeinfright.... here is one of your wants and for only $80 usd

  • Rad.
  • Already put my order in
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    Ooh...thanks muddy. I don't if I'm doing something wrong but I went to nhs and zilch. I'll blame it on ptown...he always gets the last ;-)
  • Try ocd skateshop...they might ordering some and not listing on their website
  • Thank you slipster
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    NHS is doing the preorder deal with these and rasberry Neptune's

    photo jessee-neptune_zpsqznbsvh1.jpg
  • Is that your current want @sharks
  • I order mine from Howard at cal skate
  • That Neptune is sick
  • Gently used:


    Powell Peralta XT/7 Ply





    And used Hawk & McGill OG pig.



    Craig Johnson


    Town & Country

    Street team. Grey w/ Neon green


    And if anybody has one laying around, I need a used, black Powell Tail Bone. 8.75 please.

  • Why did Select stop distributing Sims?  I thought Select had plans to reissue the Buzz and Pharaoh deck?
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    This is my only want.  A blue Zorlac Gargoyle.  My first board.  Wish I still had it.  OG's go for stupid money these days, but I'd love a reissue to ride.  Killer shape, killer graphic.  Damn, that was a cool board.  Maybe one day someone will figure out whatever legal issues are holding up Zorlac reissues.

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    Thanks for the heads-up on the Neptune Muds. NHS has a few other good looking pieces of China lumber right now too, the Lance flip decks look noice, but...
  • The Lance Flip decks are nice.
  • If your talking about the lance mountain skull board…It is screened by screamin' squeegees. It likely is not china wood, since Chicken is doing the paint in LA.
  • Cool, cool, I do like the skull board as well as this Doughboy that's on sale for $40.
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    Damn you mudskipper, I just could not resist buying the Neptune for my skate porn. Just placed my preorder with Old Skull. $74.94 out the door. (for 10% off use code "oldskull")
  • No probs @wake I got on their pre-order list this morning. Not my fave color for the demon but better get one anyway. PP really did me a solid with the 6th series, only getting the hawk and mountain so will free up some coin to get these in October
  • Some nice wants in here
  • Here are a few of my wants/Grails. I had each of the decks in my youth.

    Blind Jason Lee Burger Slick - But I could swear the background cows were black and purple, not black and white on mine.


    SMA Natas Kaupas Panther in Light Blue (not sure which version this is in the photo Panther 2? 3?)


    "New School Brand" 8-Ball in Black - not natural, but only photo I could find (8-Ball was made of suede or felt)


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    Love that burger king board @jakethesnake
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