Do you like Andy Schrock?

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A lot of people hate him for making his own company and making himself a pro. I really like his web series and you gotta say. He's pretty good. What do you say dudes?

-Poser dude out!


  • Never heard of him.
  • Plot twist: Powellboy is Andy Schrock.
  • If powellboy likes him, then The Farter likes him.
  • Castplymer: He's the dude that made revive skateboards.
    JB77: Nope
    TheFarter: Awesome bro!
  • ive watched some of his vids and he isnt reallyanybody special just some youtube dude cashing in on kids and vids
  • You dissing Mike V again bb? ;-)
  • haha no mike v is much better
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    That's ok bb, you don't have to sit on the fence for me lol
  • Andy Cock?
    Andy fcking who?
    Makes himself a pro lol.. what a douche
  • pretty much
  • I have no interest in Andy Cock.

  • never heard of the dude but I do know of revive skateboards from watching the skateboarding made simple videos from Aaron Kyro. Aaron has some good how to videos on the basics of flatground.
  • He sucks
  • Never heard of her.
  • Andy's Crotch? Is that like a home porn web cam she's doing?
  • I wonder if he pays himself $1 a board
  • I hate to admit that I've seen a few of his videos. They're generally just dudes dicking around and doing bullshit. I watch this one with my girls, they're 6 and 3. It involves ridiculousness with Jason Park, treats and an ode to ninja turtles.
  • Lets see him win a comp before he gets anymore thread time
  • Not going to happen. He may have been an average street skater when he was younger.
  • This guy is a good skater doing it "his way."  There is a little too much cheesy mugging going on for me to be any kind of fan or disciple, plus I think his decks look like crap, those are some of the worst graphics I've ever seen.  He's earning a living off skating, though, which is more than I can say.  Some people are like pit bulls with their dreams, and hang on with a death grip no matter what anyone says.  You have to respect that at least a little.  

    No one respects a pushy salesman, though.  After I checked his antics out briefly, this guy's and his cronies' videos went into heavy rotation in my recommended feed.  I didn't subscribe, and I clicked "not interested" every time, but they kept coming back, like missionaries at the door.  I got so sick of it that I found out how to block Youtube channels.  If you are experiencing this problem as well, check the following solution out, it's super simple:

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    Don't use the above hack, it doesn't work, but I found a new one.  It's a little more labor intensive, but if you sign into Youtube and go to the "history" tab, and delete all of the offending channel's videos that you watched, supposedly this makes them leave you alone.  Of course, you can just ignore them, too.

    Here is something that burned me when I was looking through my history to delete his vids, though.  I know I watched maybe 3 Schrock videos, and it was a while ago-- last year.  I didn't like them, and didn't watch any more.  But when I was going over my history, I went just a few weeks back, and started finding videos that I "watched" (NOT) from the Schrock channel.  The stuff I actually did watch of his a while ago was, 1 trick tip and 2 or 3 vids of him bothering a bunch of little kids and acting hyper at a skate park, which I got sick of real fast.  I didn't watch any vids of him holding his baby or giving a Q and A session (the vids I supposedly watched), it wouldn't even make sense, I have no questions for this goof.    

    Something stinks about him, I think there is some kind of shady deal where he is getting inflated view counts.  I hope Youtube isn't in on it.  It's messed up but hopefully I actually blocked his channel this time, fingers crossed-- wtf, planting views in people's history, that's pathetic.  
  • Your first mistake was watching something referred to you by powellboy
  • Why is this thread still alive?
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