Decks they'll never re-issue

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Much to the delight of some of the forum members, there are no doubt plenty of decks that will never be re-issued.

I did hear, for example, that Gonz's artwork will never be released into the public domain so those beautiful old decks will never be re-issued. On the other hand, why have they printed so many Ken Park III's, and none of the others? The earlier Ken Park wizard decks were great - imo, they really chose the wrong one to re-issue! Was the Grosso Coke ever redone? I think it was but you rarely see them.

Anyway, it would be nice to know what has the potential to be re-issued and what doesn't, if anyone has more info.



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    All I can say is that you'll know the world has gone reissue mad if street warrior start releasing their old decks.

    Seriously though, I didn't think we'd get a snakeskin done, even though so far neither have been an original colorway, anything is possible in the reissue market.

    The only barriers I can see are; when a skater has moved on to a different brand and their current sponsor doesn't want another company selling boards using one of their pros; the skater is a commi and doesn't like making money; the pro/sponsor are holding onto some originals and don't want to flood the market with reissues that will devalue their OGs
  • I'd buy a Street Warrior again :)

    Yeah I completely understand why people don't like re-issues being made. I'm a collector of them, haven't set any up (yet) but just have them to display, even if it's just for my own enjoyment. Even though I have the cash to buy NOS, I'd rather invest it into my mortgage(s)! Re-issues are a no-brainer for me, but that's just me.

    You'd think that up until about now is the time to re-issue decks from the 80s. If they wait much longer, will the decks even sell? I mean, will they re-issue 80s decks for decades to come? I doubt it a lot. Those who grew up with them can (mostly) now afford to buy them and most are still young enough to skate them for nostalgic reasons. Will people born in the 90s be buying them..?

    I personally would like to see many more decks re-issued, but time is running away.
  • All I want is some more of the Flammable Bones shirts. Dammit, give them to me!
  • Word casty, mine is getting a little haggard. Personally I'm stoked on reissues cause they're cheap enough to justify buying AND trashing. Being that I never liked riding popsicle's I'm in heaven right now... I'm kind of in squirrel mode right now; getting a stockpile going for when the reissue craze dies down (hopefully not anytime soon)
  • As long as they margins on the re-issue boards are higher than normal boards, they will keep making them.
  • I think that the 80s reissues are responsible for making skating "fun" again. I see lots of high school and college age kids skating the reissues. Perhaps their dads introduced them to the 80s era. I'll take a fish shaped deck and a rad graphic any day over a modern shape and lame graphic.
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    Lol ppk187, you expecting a winter? Reissue the tracky daks already! What I hope they don't reissue is Variflex...still creeps me out! In Australia they have reissued Ozi skateboards, a bit of a icon here from the 80's :-\ I totally agree Kyle!
  • Always wake... The reissue stream will dry up eventually
  • Someone should reissue cockroach wheels...or you know, maybe some handsome, smart, well endowed gentleman should sell me his (you know who you are)
  • Sorry mate, I don't have any! ;-)

    I always wanted a set of Cockroach rails. They faded from blue on one edge through white in the centre and a reddy pink on the other side. Looked grouse as!
  • Zorlac reissues are in legal limbo and may never see the light of day, unfortunately. I want a Gargoyle like I had as a kid, but OG's are stoopid money on eBay.
  • You'll worry my wife with comments like that Slipster lol
  • yeah its a shame with Zorlac and I dont understand why they dont just do the reissues under embassy. The current embassy stuff looks horible, I haven't actually held one in my hands but they sure look like some real cheap transferred graphics. Honestly the whole company image looks kind of corny... beer, guns and sluts... woohoo anarchy. whatever sells right
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    Kids eh? Lol aren't beer, guns and sluts an American constitutional right?
  • One that isnt ever going to be done is Spideys, he's said it more than enough times.
    Another one that I dont think (for now but who knows) we'll ever see is Johnny Kops. Are you clowns in here even old enough to know who that is?
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    speaking of Johnee Kop, there are some awesome T&C decks that would be cool to have. Reissue or NOS for that matter.

  • Blast from the past
  • Never seen that Park before.
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    @everyoneontheforum ..... Krap Nek

    But yeah that Kop, Quad and the Primal Urges are pretty sweet
  • I wonder if they'll reissue z-roller trucks?
  • id like to try them
  • Interesting concept. I don't know how they'd fair after a few grinds on concrete/tile/stone though. Do you reckon "The Cat in the hat" would use them with a coper bb? ;-)
  • I skated Z Rollers back in the day for a bit. They were fun, maybe a little heavy.
  • T&C-yes please.


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