Which Tracker trucks to go with my new PP deck?

So, this weekend I purchased a Series 10 deck and I need some trucks to go with it. Being as, according to what I've read, Indys are no longer MIA I would like to buy (and support) a set of Trackers.

What I don't know and I'm hoping you fine folks can help me with is, Tracker's website specifically says "All the classic Tracker Trucks base plates are drilled using the original old style four hole pattern, does NOT fit re-issue old school boards."

I'm not sure if the Axis or Darts will fit either, so if anyone here knows that would be super appreciated and helpful. I was considering getting the Classics and they're the only one's with the line above about not fitting reissues.

My question is, will these, the Classics, or even the Axis or Darts, fit my new deck? It's a reissue but has an old school hole pattern to my understanding? And if so, will the 161mm's fit alright? They're only a few mm's wider than a set of 159mms.

Thanks dudes!


  • I have three sets of Trackers, two are OG’s bought from oldschoolskates.com, and one set is new Sixtrack Darts. The OG’s of course are old school, and so are the Darts, and they fit all of the Bones Brigade series decks as they are drilled for old school trucks. The confusion lies in the fact that most reissued decks these days (SkateOne/NHS/Select) are drilled for new school trucks. Blockhead and Alva are also drilled for old school trucks. I hope this helps @AstroGhast !
    P.S. If you go to the “Riders leaning on your car” thread you will see the SixTrack Darts on my series 10 Claw, and OG Aggros on my OG Saiz. They are both 9” wide trucks and fit both decks well.
  • Awesome, that's really helpful, thanks a lot @WakeInFright!

    I saw those, they're super rad!
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    Cheers @AstroGhast ! For the record I just checked my Sixtracks Darts and they are drilled for old and new school, so if you changed decks there wouldn’t be any worries. They are an awesome truck, relatively light and turn well. However I would personally go to oldschoolskates and buy either the blue and black Sixtracks, or Aggros as they are OG, cheap, and rad too. Obviously only drilled old school though! OG Gullwings there too!
  • I would like to try the Axis Trackers but it sounds like they are a medium height axle. Does anyone know the axle height on the Axis?
  • Just switched to Sixtracks; Image and video hosting by TinyPic first impression is that they are very sensitive and have sort of a "dead zone" and then turn in very quickly, takes some getting used to. Idk people seem to slag on them for street skating b/c they are weak, but I am not doing any intense drops anyway so here goes.
  • They look rad on the deck!
  • Thanks Wake!
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