Left Hip Joint Pains?

So I started skating again after eons, a week ago. I skated like three days straight (mostly working on my ollies) and then I stopped (haven't skated properly for 3-4 days now) because whenever I slide up my left foot, I can feel pain on my left hip joint. Did some stretching but it's still there. Do I just wait for it to go away? Thanks.


  • See a doctor (not doc freedom!).
  • Meh. Aren't there any other things I could do?

    Talking about Doc, where's the old fart?
  • Ouch. I guess that depends on what it is. Saying your joint is bothering you makes me wonder if it's a tendon issue. If it is, you want that shit to go away and then you want to strengthen all those muscles well, and then keep them conditioned to keep it from happening again. Tendinitis seems to be my body's ailment of choice as I get older and it sucks.
  • I get a similar thing if I repeat the action ad infinitum trying a trick. Say for example kickflip ollies...I can't land them, but one day I was really close. I kept trying and trying, until I was like, "Aargh fuck it!"
    For the next few days my knee and quad on one of my legs was giving me grief. I believe as we get older we are more prone to RSI(repetitive strain injury). So these days I try and do a run, one trick to another, shifting weight and balance, as opposed to fixating on one trick
  • Thanks for the feedback guys. Although I have to point out it isn't because of my age. I'm like only 15. That's what makes me wonder....
  • It's probably because my body isn't used to doing this much. lol I'm just used to sitting down most of the day.
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    Yeah, it's just what happens when using muscles that you don't use very often. Keep up the skating and you should start to feel better as your muscles become accustomed to the type of exercise you're doing. If you really think it's serious, schedule a doctor's appointment anyway.
  • Thanks. Will do! :)
  • i’m currently 15 as well and i started skating again about a week ago as well with the exact same situation. I was wondering what happened to you. Did it just go away eventually or did you go and see the doctor? If you did, what did the doctor say?
  • he hasnt been on the forum in forever but id suggest to start doing yoga before every skate
  • Lol, just do some stretches beforehand. You could be just off in some technique enough that you don’t notice at the time too, but feel later
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