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  • yep and niiiiice
  • What’s the fine print say?
  • BONES WHEELS®, Powell-Peralta®, and some Mini Logo™ wheels are made in the USA at our own Santa Barbara, CA wheel manufacturing facility using our superior urethane technologies and procedures. PGD, PP mini, and some Mini Logo® wheels are made with our partner to our demanding specifications and then tested during production to ensure consistently high quality. First three skaters to email me us at will win a set of Bones BIG BALLS REDS. You must put WIN WITH REDS in the subject of your email, and include your name, address, and phone number to win.
  • "made with our partner"? I thought they had a skate one production warehouse in China for the China made pops and wheels?
  • edited May 2019
    please read the line after that
  • I was stoked on the Claus Grabke reissue, but why did they put a gold oval dragon on a white deck? A blue or red oval dragon would have looked better and its the thin tail dragon which isn’t time period correct.
  • @ovaldragon Where did you see the top graphic at? Yea on the top funny...
  • @myren has a 360 visual
  • new andy anderson griptape
  • blue vallely and hawk series 9 complete is up/coming soon
  • The holes are drilled incorrectly for the rear truck on the blue Vallely! It should be opposite to the front truck....think about it!
  • Dam the new McGill flight deck is farkn hot as F <3 <3 <3
  • more SP3 pigs please!
  • Man I hope double drilling isn't a new thing. Major turn-off, if the original didn't have it.
  • Tex, I used to feel the same way about reissues being drilled for modern trucks. But I just drilled some extra holes, covered the sucker with grip, and got over it!
  • I don't mind new or old holes from the factory - just pick ONE. Because, as you've proven, folks are smart enough to drill 4 new holes if they need them. No sense forcing extra holes on everyone.

    I straight up won't buy them if they have extra holes.
  • I’m just lazy Tex. If they are trying to appeal to old school and nu skool be it. Personally I believe the drilling should be reflective of the og of the period but I am not a businessman!
  • And no more pp decks for me until they quit the curved air lam tails on their decks! Sick of rounded-not kicked-tails!!!!
  • new ripper grip
  • Fingers crossed for a Winged ripper grip used look like the oval dragon
  • that would be dope
  • OMFG! I’m so TTTIIIIREEEED of the neverending coming soon or sold out sign! Faaaking wait forever! Whenare preorders gonna happen so I don’t keep having to keep refreshing. And by the time one’s up - the other’s out of stock. Gotta keep ordering decks one by one. Sheesh. (Sorry, had to vent)
  • Just by from OCD/Concretelines etc Bratko!
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