Hey have been looking into grip designs and been printing out boards and drawing on them for ideas on how to grip the deck
Is a nice colour and the logo is too cool to cover up
Anyway looked at clear grip and just looks bubbly as heck if not done well and black grip with cut outs or designs would be cool but have seen this stuff called lucid spray on grip
Anyway I'm reading very mixed reviews, some love it some hate it
Doesn't look like would be easy to remove if wanted to change it as is glued on
Has anyone here tried it or heard about it


  • ive heard about the spray on grip would be interesting
  • Tempted to give it a try but don't want to ruin the deck at the same time, it's not like I'm gonna be power sliding so don't need super grippy. One of my decks the tape feels a bit too much and tempted to sand it down a bit just to let my feet move a little easier anyway.
    But I can't see anywhere on the site as removing it so assume the only way would be to sand the whole thing
  • put hand fulls of sand on it and rub with a stick, to lessen grit
  • u could always email them and ask how to get it off
  • Cheers wheelbyte and yea good shout shall do that brigade
  • Also seen some videos of people using a clear coat and smashed up glass. Bit of DIY maybe worth trying on a piece of wood before ruining a deck
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