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So I had not had a mini logo deck for some time. I had just been ridding the regular Powell decks. So I figured I would try one out again, cause I always liked them in the past. So I have a questions for everyone on here, Have you noticed a difference in the CHINA made ones? I sure have! I rode it for about five (5) mins before the deck became unglued. I have never had trouble with any Powell product before like this. (Just the usual wearing out.) And I was not jumping down 20 stairs, so this should not have happened. I feel kinda ripped off. Maybe it was just this deck, but I am now wondering what the product control is coming out of China.

So has anyone else had this happen to them? The glue and wood layers come apart with next to no use?


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    i stopped riding them once they went to china and it delammed mainly because the china boards sit at sea for a month or so and soaks up the moister so it makes them delam in no time unfortunately but good thing is that ur board has a warranty so u can send it back and get a replacement
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    I have had around 5-6 Mini Logos that were made in China and had none of those problems.

    Last one I purchased was about 18 months ago.

    For reference, In the same timeframe I have also had 7-8 BBS pressed, 3 PS Stix, some South Central, Clutch, Lib Tech, Dwindle and US made Powell Flight in that time as well.
  • My son had one and it held up without delams. I then nailed it to a tree in our front yard and two years later it still hasn't delammed. I haven't had a deck delam since my Bonite Welinder...which Powell replaced in record time.
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