The goddam movie is on Netflix

Let me get this straight. I pre ordered the movie, along with other merch, and you happily took $530US instantly. I ordered almost as soon as possible. Not only do I not have $530, or my merch, or the movie - I can now get the goddam thing for free on Netflix.

Great job guys. Great job. Glad I've been loyal for 30 years.

You should make a sequel about how this fucking cash grab killed the soul of your most loyal customers.


  • You can also download it via itunes for $3.99.  But I must say I still like to have hard copies of certain things.
  • Me too, which is why I handed over $530. They should have called it a lastorder.
  • I especially like how you can buy the decks from other retailers for LESS than we did through the official pre-order.
  • Shit, it will be up on youtube soon.
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    already was on u tube haha that is how i got to watch it
  • its been up & down numerous times now on yt

  • The doc being on Netflix doesn't bother me that much. I mean it's not like this did was just made for us. It was made for every moviegoer. The decks being online at retailers for less than I paid during the pre-order, when I haven't received mine. Good thing it wasn't a Christmas present, since they said they would ship the first week of December. I guess they meant they would ship to other retailers.
  • I preordered the blu ray. I don't have it yet. All Netflix users do. Yeah, that offends me.
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    I paid $20 for the HD download, which I was quite happy to do to support a company and group of skaters I love, and see it as soon as I that it's available on iTunes for 4 bucks or whatever doesn't really bother me that much, but the free streaming and hawk/cab/mcgill plugging that it's free on instagram, and the whole JB Hifi getting exclusive selling rights here in Australia instead of letting it be sold by our skateshops is what shits me. I guess if I'd ordered a hard copy and I was still waiting I'd be pissed. When they knew they weren't going to make the 3rd Dec deadline (which they would have known well before that date), they should of started shipping peoples DVDs out separately
  • Oh, I thought everybody got the digital download with the purchase. I watched it that way the night the download went live. I don't have my DVD either.
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    That's right, I forgot the download was included with a DVD purchase..if I was a bit smarter I probably would of gone for that option too
  • Yea, I've never really cared about digital downloads until Samsung released a free download of the avengers for my phone, now I am setting up all my movies on a home server.
  • Downloads are the only way I see stuff, tv shows, movies, even some games i.e thpshd shit that brought back some memories
  • now for the peeps who are still waiting for their copy of the movie it will be showing on the sundance chan. this. Thanks for nothing George
  • u didnt type the day
  • sorry this month

    either way gorge and $tacy make sure you make those dollars, fuck your supporters and fuck those still waiting on their product. must be cool to be rich and  not give a fuck

  • they got it on demand for 5 bucks
  • At the end of the day, with modern technology the way it is, there was no way Stacy could have released this doc without upsetting us "loyal" fans.  He went out full force with the film festivals and screenings, so in order to take advantage of the press while it was still fresh, they had to release the movie to netflix, indemand, etc, soon after initial release.  He's in the business of making films and making money, not specifically making a few thousand fans happy.  If it was just us he was marketing the film to, he wouldn't have done it because it wouldn't have been worth it.

    I guess I'm not that fired up about it because I paid for the digital download and watched it the night the download link when live.  I didn't have to wait for the DVD.  So I am biased.

    But just like the decks and whatnot, which I am upset it took so long to get, and I'm upset the decks seem unrideable.  I understand the business side of it.  Sure, I'm upset about it, but in the end I'm happy I got my stuff, I'm happy it was even made.
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