Thanks hajtohajtos & dragonbattt for all the spam!


  • Thank you to who ever took all that spam down/off the board.
  • My pleasure, I hate spam!
  • I'm sure the attack will start again soon enough
  • are u a new employee
  • Sort of, I have been at Skate One for just over a year.
  • Thank you for cleaning up the boards, while we have you online, any hints (or flatout truths) about reissues, colors, new know, anything new that might, accidentally, get leaked out?
  • Yea Jesse, spill the beans! :)
  • well hope u enjoy ur stay there used to be another employee with the same name
  • Thanks man, stoked to be here! 

    If you guys are having any issues with this forum or any of our sites hit me up at
  • Yea, Jesse v1.0 was awesome.  He would slip us some inside info and give us little teases and heads up on future products and happenings within SOC.

  • anyone emailed jesse or should i?
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