• Interesting to me that they're putting out ads in thrasher... promoting themselves without a team. kids aren't into buying shit without a "name" and it's hard to build one without a killer team. 
  • got that right
  • Yea, I don't get that. I think back to the 80s and everybody had their favorite skater, their favorite graphic, and style was everything. A skate company without a team would need like a skate company with a great team but sold blank decks. Nobody will care, kids need that connection.
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     They probably didn't like him flaunting the  $230,000 car and million dollar house.

  • Weird, PP is still posting Hoffart updates on their Facebook page.
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    weird maybe someone didnt get the memo
  • Haha... New propaganda didn't mention anything either. Wonder when the official announcement will be......

    Maybe in a thrasher ad
  • dammit, they don't have the cab ban this up anymore.... now i'm pissed. should have bought another
  • ba dom tish
  • I've been bummed out since I heard about this. It is crazy that Hoopla and Positiv have teams, and Powell seems to have dissolved theirs. An official news release from Powell would be nice to see. 
  • Random post, good stuff:
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    The bottom of his board:
  • according to some dude on fb it was financial and leave my peeps at
    positiv and hoopla alone :P they really should stop doing theese wheels
    and golden dragon and i think that would free up alot of money
  • Powell should McGill back on the team. Have VCJ create new graphics for McGill and Cab.
  • Yea they have to keep it fresh and not keep clutching on to the past
  • If they have cut the team for financial reasons it wouldnt look good if they then added a legend or 2 to the team. If they want to just release a lot of retro boards they should give the retro fan base what they want. Put some of the classic graphics on a pool size board. Would love a snakeskin on a functional full size shape.
  • image this is from hoffart's twitter probably would have been a future graphic
  • I saw the top part of that graphic on either his Twitter or Facebook when he leaked he was off the team. I figured it was just a mock up, didn't think it was an actual deck graphic. Would be sick though. I like it.
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    yea if u have firefox u can grab the url of the background image of a site
  • woulda been cool
  • That Hoffart graphic is lame. 

    Did Powell fire VCJ too?
  • it's from the movie heavy metal...hoffart is a metal head
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