• and it is way better than that van halen pegasus graphic
  • Yea, I really like it. I love the line work of vcj and all, but his new stuff looks like someone trying to imitate his style. In the end, I respect and love his work, but as always my favorite graphic had always been the lmfp, which is a departure from that style.
  • That Hoffart graphic is epic.  JMO.

  • That graphic has been on his Twitter for at least a year and a half fellas, probably longer. I always figured it was suttin that got rejected back in 09.
  • yea probably
  • It looks like a cross out of star wars and ash from evil awesome
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    Jordan talking about Powell:
  • interesting. surprised they still haven't made an announcement
  • Did I hear that right when he said they are only going to do reissues and not have any pro team going forward? Doesn't sound like a long term business plan, maybe Stacy and George are looking at gradually shutting up shop
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    Or maybe just concentrate more on wheels, bearings etc from bones. Does anyone know if they kept those sponsorships on the books?
  • yea nothing is changing with bones
  • And they are STILL pimping Jordan and others on social media.
  • True Paul. All of us old guys will either die or wither away and not skate at some point. But I have hope. There is just too much history in this company to just fade away.
  • Yea, very limited market, if they are simply targeting us old guys.  At some point their market will dry up, and in the not so distant future.  You figure you can't bank on younger guys simply wanting to skate old school decks....I mean, none of us are out there skating old Z decks with clay wheels.
  • yea they should hire me ;)
  • I just went on the p&p website & the full team is still on there.. but the Killian deck is the only pro deck left to purchase.... silly
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    yep hoffart already got a new board sponsor so they dont promote him anymore on fb
  • Who is his new board sponsor?
  • The Gelfand deck is available now.
  • expedition 1
  • Older news here but Hoffart is on Stereo and dropped this part, Killing it.

  • 2:07 and 2:40 DAAAAAAAMN!
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