• yea hoffart is way too gnarly they fucked up on that
  • George and Stacy always found good riders over the years and the other companies would drop a shit ton of money and steal them anyway.
  • I still don't understand why they dropped the team in the first place.  I mean, riders were getting coverage, new graphics were being designed for was like the best of both worlds.  Taking what made them successful back then and applying it to today's market.  Then WHAM.
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    That Hoff video IS FCKING INSANE!!
    & I like those decks as well.. Bartie & Hoff.. these choices are always a business/ financial one.. still, you cant help but wonder, why drop these blokes!!!
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    because their accounting department sucks they didnt have enough money to go around they havent been making any money in a good while
  • Blasphemy.. Its the job of sales & marketing to ensure the profits flow in, not accounting.

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    yea marketing plays a big part as well but accounting and sales is the same shit but to make it simple whoever is in charge of money isnt doing their job
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    Too many pig mcgills is my theory..will look bad on any stat sheet
  • edited April 2014 this doesnt help either and they offer free shipping and that is a pretty big hit too cause how are u gonna send off a possible 20 pound package to a shop or something and charge only 5 dollars/free shipping lol sure it looks nice on paper but if u dont have the money for it then just dont offer it cause in the end it is about the bottom line
  • Accounting & sales is not the same.

    lol.. ladies & gentlemen, Billy is officially blowing his stack hahaa
  • I wonder that too with some aussie skate stores offering up free postage...thats got to eat up some of the profit margin
  • Talk about a let down.  I went over  to the rollone site, hoping to find a message board full of older guys talking about how they wish companies would smarten up and re-release real leather roller skates with adjustable rails, with urethane stoppers.  But I guess that kind of talk is just for us skaters. I was really hoping to see our rollerskating counterparts.  
  • In any business, cash flow is king.
  • lol well im sure there are accounts that probably owe them money so regardless it's all a money handling situation
  • All it takes is a few decent size accounts to take a company way past due dates to screw up cash flow. I remember when the housing market tanked in '08, we had a builder write us a bad check for the better part of $ 30,000.00. When it bounced I was pretty sure I was going to kill him.
  • and no one would have blamed u lol
  • Have you noticed on that they now have Kevin Harris listed under the legends team? Would be sweet to get McGill too.
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