Bones Brigade reissue Decks 3rd Colorway?



  • Look forward to seeing a pic when you set it up Nick, you always do them well!

  • is made out of thicker wood plies. Same thickness as you rode in the 80's. the first batch had complaints of bending decks because they were made with modern day ply thickness. George fixed that midway through the first batch's release. Soooooo... Thicker wood makes heavier decks.
  • That Hawk just made me poop a dook.  In a good way.
  • Yeah. I may be of the minority here but...I liked the first batch weight. Your right. I checked my green lmfp its considerably lighter. Oh well....
  • Working on the Cab and McGill so we can release the entire 3rd colorway at one time.  Hawk is Pink with Metallic blue.  The Lance is light blue as you've seen on the S&B.  Hopefully they will be done within a week or two.
  • Please do the cab in a red stain.
  • Told ya's it was pink, so I'm not crazy..that's a relief lol :)
  • its still the donkey shape tho..
  • AC, have the 4th colorways been decided, or is it still up in the air?  I'm deciding which color to setup and skate.....and am still holding out hope that the 4th LMFP will be black.  
  • What other colors were there of the FP Chris? Figured you might know the answer to that question..I remember a white one and a grey one but that's about it wasn't it?
  • The first series' were black, red, blue, two shades of light blue, green, silver, and pink. We know the next lmfp is blue, leaving red, black, or silver and silver was released a few years ago. I saw red in one of the factory tour pics. I'm really hoping for black. I can get my hands on red rails, have a set of new tracker trucks, and will go with red and black wheels. I'm dying to replicate my first pp board from 1986.
  • my first pp set-up was orange beamer !!!!!!!!!!
  • mine was a light blue snakeskin McGill..I've never seen another one exactly the same on eBay, it had a real simple colored black ripper on top with the same blue background and a nice wide spoon nose..was heartbroken when that deck snapped after 22 years or so of being skated
  • So glad the Hawk is pink!!!!!!!! Gonna look awesome next to my pink lmfp!!!!! Thank you George and Stacy!
  • The 4th and final colorway is still being decided.  We are trying to make the last run special, so we are working with the OG BB members to figure something out soon. 

    The 3rd Cab color is one of my favorites, so can't wait for it to be finished.
  • I'm guessing the next cab will be red with a blue dragon. Or silver with a blue dragon.  I hope the light blue sword & skull comes with a red dragon on top.   The yellow one did.   If it doesn't then that will just be stupid.    Do you know ? Animal Chin.
  • Hopefully by special you mean a different shaped hawk and a snakeskin McGill ;) lol I'm reaching I know
  • Would love the Silver and light blue dragon Cab as the 3rd or 4th colorway.  This was my first ever deck.  I'd buy it in a heartbeat.  I've been holding out for it actually.  I have at least one BB reissue except for the Cab.
  • HUGE FAN of the PINK and GREEN LMFP! Liked them so much I purchased two of each! Can anyone post a pic of the blue one that may be released next?
  • Dozer27,

    The light blue LMFP picture that I saw was over on the skullandbones forum.  It's the same light blue as the current TG and Chinese Dragon.  
  • The only cab I would get with that graphic and shape would be orange with green dragon so I'm hoping that's Kam's favourite :) Also can't wait for the next hawk color run to be ready, it's not the shape I was hoping for but still..that board, blue plastics, pink wheels..oh boy that will look the goods. Still not a fan of the gold dragon on all decks but it's not a deal breaker for me, I'm more looking forward to seeing firsthand that they've fixed (in my opinion) the flex issue that caused a stir in the first color run as I didn't go for any of this second run, wanted a mountain but Mrs Slippery put her foot down and has said I can only get 5 more of the BB I have to choose wisely and keep a couple up my sleeve just in case the McGill and Hawk 4th editions are the ones everyone is itching for
  • Hey thanks for the info SK8TER! I tried to go in but had issues. I'm going to try and sign in again. Can anyone post the pic of LMFP BLUE. is it blue wit red or blue with purple?
  • Imo if the last run is to be special, then that means bottle nose shapes
  • define... "special"
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