Bones Brigade reissue Decks 3rd Colorway?



  • sounds about right myren....hope your wrong and we are all surprised....but i wont hold my breath. :)
  • Yea, I'm expecting "special" to mean a never before seen colorway.  Tie-dyed, chromatic, something never released before.

    Personally I'm hoping "special" means "black LMFP"....but I've been tooting that horn for a while now.  I'd love to see the various shapes, spoon nose, bottle nose, more concave to make them better daily skaters.....but I digress.
  • Radballs - that cab is sweeet!
  • more pigs ..

  • yea the cab and mountain and mullen are dope
  •  you ve got radballs  I ve got radballs !!!
  • Is the Cab red or orange?
  • they should do a green mullen
  • That purple McGill is awesome!!
  • As far as the lmfp goes, they are getting better. The green was....Ok, the pink is nice, the blue is great. A black one next would be erectorius.
  • I love silver decks! The silver McGill is the best looking one so far. They should make the other five in silver.
  • The first lmfp reissue was silver, looked good. I like both the "80s colors" like pink and green but the "standard colors" like red and black really made the graphics pop. My favorite non-lmfp graphic color combo was the pink and white hawk spoon. One just sold on eBay for almost $900.
  • They're up and ready to order on the skateone site dudes, just got me a blue primitive.
  • Just ordered mine. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll order the 4th, black, lmfp.
  • Socal has them too.  And I'm broke.  :-/
  • I feel ya dude, there's about 5 or 6 I want but can't quite justify buying to my missus. I want the white guerrero, orange cab, pink hawk (which I might just have to order and wear the punishment), red Mullen, pink lmfp **sigh. I just got the blue fp and it's pretty damn awesome, still like the green one more though
  • I had a couple black xt lmfp decks back in the day. I have to say they did look good. The ugliest one I ever had was red. I don't know what it was but I just didn't like it. It would have been nice to have the blue dragon on the pink and green lmfp and the pink Hawk like it was back in the good ol' days. I have the pink lmfp and I just got the pink Hawk and the gold dragon looks like poo on pink. A true vato rat reissue would be nice too. Wheel wells the whole way around and bones across the nose just like the og graphic.
  • the gold dragon has annoyed me from the's weird they went to the effort of putting wheel wells on the boards to make them authentic but then cheaped out on the top graphic. I would have gone with a range of colors depending on the deck, blue, red, silver, gold..but hey, it's their nostalgia trip not mine..and I still love the decks I have, but they could be better
  • Hey does anyone know when the orange cab will be available to buy? I want to order a few boards and that is one of em
  • My blue lmfp arrived, the colors really pop on this one.  The letters really jump off the deck.  It's funny, the renderings of these decks online really don't do them justice, the colors look much better in person.
  • Yea I got one too and you're right, I swear the pink looks red in the pics
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