Bones Brigade reissue Decks 3rd Colorway?



  • Damn outsourcing!!!! Just kidding... kind of...
  • What deck is that? I can't quite make it out on my phone
  • Scratch that, just worked it out
  • Gee... Is that deck made in China?
  • Like most cheap products these days I would assume so
  • see they are laughing ! I am not into all this but is this a powell peralta product ?
  • No man, it's just some generic cheapo china company making boards for hawk to sell at toys r us
  • that pic.. just terrible
  • My second job is at Walmart. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for that piece of s@#*. I'm sure it will be next to the other sell out companies aka Kryptonics, Shaun White, Flameboy, and Darkstar. Everybody should check out the Rockboard Descender All-Terrain skateboard for a good laugh. This thing has tank tracks on it.
  • Just when I thought I'd seen it all, dear oh dear..I want to see one in action as I can't see that monstrosity being functional at all
  • Lol so here's one going down a hill, I stand corrected

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    after watching that i want one now hahaha i showed it to my friends on fb the other day and they were like wtf
  • Hrmm...with one of those, I could use the swale in front of my property.  
  • I tried rolling on it in the store and it barely moved. Maybe it takes time to break it in. It's at Walmart for $139.99.
  • I read it only really works going downhill
  • My yellow Mullen comes in today. Finally caught up on all the colors so far. 18 down and 6 to go...hope the last six are good ones, like a silver Hawk.
  • Has anybody heard when the final colorway is coming out?
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    Latest info from skateone was that there's no definite timeline on when they're due to drop, and they're planning something "special" for the last set, which maybe "a special matching color for the entire set of decks". Who knows what that will be as they've used a lot of different colors so far and they'd be doubling up on the color of some decks if they did, so a good guess would be either natural wood, tie-dye, chrome look..something along those lines. The only hint straight from them has been the stuff I wrote above in quote marks
  • I hope they are all SILVER! I know they already did a lmfp in silver but another one would be nice. The silver McGill was the best one so far. I liked it so much that I got one to save and one to ride. I set it up with the Gullwing Pro III reissues and some 90A Rat Bones with Bones Swiss. I don't know why I have such a fetish with silver boards. SILVER!
  • Yea if they did silver then 2 out of 4 of McGills decks would be silver. Can't see that one happening if they do end up going all the same color
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  • love my pink Hawk! def my favorite deck i have ever owned. (except for my pink LMFP which i will never skate...probably Not really happy with the grip... its kind of plain... know i can do better but the board is so awesome i don't care. :)
    and i am still rippin it @ 40 on my silver future primitive. suck it old age. i got 10 -15 years left!
  • Looks rad Nick
  • I am still ripping at 48 !  accccccccccccc/dccccccccccccccccc!!!
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