new board graphics coming soon!

cab ban this,cab street,cab chinese dragon,new steadham graphic among a few others


  • What? Just different colorways?
  • One Light blue Chinese dragon please.
  • Cool.. Bummer they post em up with no pics
  • At least they're not bringing back angel boy... Or the airplane ones they had around 94
  • Oh, that weak attempt to follow world. At least that's how I saw it back then.
  • the airplane ones were pretty dope
  • i just thought they were boring
  • angel boy was fully a world copy
  • to each their own
  • POWELL PERALTA was on the scene way before world so that say s it all
  • But Angel Boy was a mid-90s creation, clearly a response to what World was doing.  It's not a knock on Powell, it's just pointing out their marketing strategy when "smaller" teams started taking over, like all the SMA brands and so on.  Powell saw the shift, and tried to be more like them.  In my opinion, I compare Powell in the mid/late 90s to Kiss releasing Love Gun.   
  • chris  dare I ask you are a kiss fan? slippery probably hates kiss !  I know he does nt like Missouri !
  • I was when I was 10....but not really.  I was going to go with a "Metallica's black album" analogy, but I figured that was too subtle and a lot of people like that album.
  • Man are you still pissed I have no idea what Missouri is? lol
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh! got ya !!
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    Pictures of the new color ways are up on the site.  The light blue Chinese Dragon looks great, hopefully it will be a light blue dip and not a black dip with a light blue transfer.

    The new popsicle graphics are VCJ.  Looks like he designed a new dragon graphic.  
  • so chris you did nt purchase love gun ?
  • Sadly yes, I owned it. In my defense, I was like 7 and I hated that album.
  • the ban this looks like a stain.... i think i'll find another dark blue one
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    Cant say I am a fan of much of the new stuff graphics wise. I care more about size and specs now really though. Still if all companies put out the same sizes and specs I would not be inclined to choose a Powell board. Only there old school stuff.
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    I really want a few of the black cabs with red dragon bats they have on for skating, one to look at and one for safe keeping or to trade later, but they never have in stock the stuff I want
  • gotta give them time to make stuff
  • Thoughts on the new thrasher ad, with the new graphic and shape....?    
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