new board graphics coming soon!



  • Graphic looks pretty rad to me.... The font in the ad looks very anti hero to me though. Thought it was interesting that the truck hole pattern is the 8 hole pattern too..
  • And yes.... I answered my own question
  • Looks rad, why wasn't it in the summer catalog?
  • I think it's pretty cool. A new shape and a dual wheelbase deck might be exactly what they need in their lineup.
    Stuff like that added to the lineup would take away the sting of the no pro team thing too.
    Hopefully more shapes to come.
  • Got a link to this ad with the new board?
  • There is a thread over at S&B that shows it.  Looks like an old school, pig shape, 8 holes, short nose.
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    Like the shape. Graphic is good for the most part. Be interesting to see the dimensions, thats more important to me.
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    Nothing against those who are into the drug thing, each to their own, but it seems some of what Powell is putting out is quite a departure from their old image. Personally I think they should leave that to the companies who represent that lifestyle. I always thought Powell was more about skating and the fun of it. I find the timing of this graphic strange given that the coroners autopsy report for Staceys son said drugs were a factor in his death.
  • Paul, it's 8.5x32
  • post the graphic :P
  • lol it would be cooler without the drug promotion
  •  i don't see it as promoting drugs though, just different board shapes. the graphic isn't smoking anything either, just has a match to the p/p logo... in my mind anyway
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    Read the words at the top of the ad and check out his eyes and the burning joint.. lol
  • lol.... yeah... on second review i see it. whatever though... no biggie to me. it's not like he's shooting some smack or railing a fat choker.
  • What I thought was always cool with PP was that they were more culture setters than followers. They seemed to promote the skating for skatings sake ideal. Desperate measures perhaps...
  • changing with the times
  • Then shouldn't the skeleton be popping oxy?
  • hahaha... totally!  the next one should have the skeleton rifling through it's parents medicine cabinet
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    lol or bath salts
  • that's be an interesting one... a face eating skeleton
  • the skeleton used on this new deck is the Rollerbones roller skating skeleton from 1980. If you've seen the old Powell  rollerskate cases this is the skeleton. I think her name is Rosie.
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