new board graphics coming soon!



  • I like the hands graphic, but not the shape to much, maybe as a cruiser.
  • The shapes are early 90ish, which is good, I would have though that they would have made them wider, (like 8.75 or there abouts).  I won't buy any though simply because they all have the horrible K15 concave and short tails (6.3 inches on most of them).
  • I'm with you, if they were wider I'd get one.
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    imageI found a great use for the Winged Skull Fun Shape board (other than just skating). It can be used as a template for making any other K15 deck smaller. So if you have an old Flames deck, or Ripper deck (that You don't care about of course), then you can just trace the winged skull shape onto them and cut. You will also have to drill new truck holes. It is a pretty cool shape.
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    now it works lol
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    That's rad Cother2!!!!
    My kinda thinking, get crafty and make shit custom.
    I'm all about that dude. Great job. =D

    You prob can see what I been saying about how if someone likes short wheelbases, like I do, and they try to re-drill a short wheelbase on a K15 deck, you end up with a huge gap between the bend/rock of the nose and the bolts. This makes it harder to ollie I feel, as the foot takes longer to reach the bend to grab the board up.
    Decks with wheelbases under 15" should be pressed on the K12. Been saying this for a long ass time.

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