Need deck advice for an 8 year old.

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My Daughter just turned 8 and has always shown an interest in skating, she's a girly girl...but has a strong tom boy sense in her.  We liken her to Punky Brewster, she's not a "tom boy" per se, but she loves her Chucks.....she designs them online, usually a combination of skulls and flowers or zebra stripes.  She LOVES hockey, especially her Bruins.  Every day she tells me she watches the highlights of the game on the NHL channel in the mornings before school.  She likes riding on her knees on my boards and has shown an interest more lately.  So I figured it was time to get her own board and let her try it.  I figure it's a good opportunity for Father and Daughter time, plus it will give me more time to get back into some more regular skating.  Enough of the background.

Today we stopped by the skate shop, I needed some bearings.  We bought her some pads and a helmet and looked at some boards....obviously graphics is a factor.  But she's a small kid, so size is important.  We saw some Blind mini completes, but she didn't like the graphics.  She really liked the blank decks they had, but they were 8.25 x 32"....too big for her.  I would love to keep her in the PP family....even though I'm not riding one right now.  I was looking at Mini-Logo decks, but even the smaller ones seem too long.  So I'm looking for a deck, either complete or I can build her one.  I'm thinking 7-7.5 wide, and would like a sub 30" length.  Blank would be great, she could do her own thing on it.  But something with "cool" graphics would work also.  I thought about the PP mini completes, but I don't think an "old school shape" would be best right now.  Any suggestions of companies or hopefully something under the PP banner that would be good for a small kid?


  • I have 4 daughters and the two oldest skate. They are currently 10 and 13 and have both been skating for about 5 years. I let them ride a wide range of decks (Popsicles, reissue, reissue k15, etc...). My 13 year old loves the Mechanical Dragon with 159 indys and blue rat bones. She can drop in, grind, kick turn, etc... My 10 year old likes the FP deck shape and she likes the current color way with the pink, green, blue, colors. She also rides rat bones, but they are green. I guess girls don't like the harder smaller wheels. They have fun and they don't like the Popsicle shapes and I have an 8.25 pop that I keep telling my oldest she would be able to perform better and she says, "no thanks, it's less fun with the small deck and wheels."
  • i have an all girls skateboard company u can check out at
  • Powell has the pre made boards like the Cab and ripper that are mini's. And they are not that pricey. Heck you can get them on Amazon.

    Or you can just get a mini logo and let her make her own graphics on it.
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    She decided on a Speed Demons 6.75, checker board.  She liked that it was close to blank so she could put stickers on it....which she doesn't have yet.  She had some fun today, but I find it very difficult to explain to her how to keep her body centered on the board.  I kept telling her to lift her front foot, lean into your front foot while you lift it to keep her body centered....but that is insanely difficult to teach when you know how to do it instinctively.  She'll get it.  The best advice I could give her was that she IS going to fall and it IS going to hurt a little, but you get back up and do it again.  To me skateboarding has always been an exercise in accepting failure, knowing you will fail and fail again until you finally get it.  
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    dude i got some support your local female skateboarder stickers if she wants some $1 each
  • Where can I buy a few Bill?  
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    message me on facebook under pavement wheels
  • Ok.  Will do.
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