Help me with my memory


P&P made a type of truck bolt in the late 80s that required you to drill a wider hole in the board and then insert the bolt from the bottom into the nut, which sat flat against the board on top (inserted into the wider hole). What were these called? They didn't work well at all, but does anyone remember their name?



  • rat nuts?
  • That's it, I think. When I was 11, I put those in a Kevin Harris freestyle deck and they came loose every five seconds. Maybe the nuts were meant to sit under the griptape.

    What about the bearings P&P was making then? They had a kind-of orange-ish, transparent shield?

    Anyway, thanks.
  • forget that........ anyone remember thunderbolts?
  • u mean those weird ass hook things that would hook the truck onto the board and they were like metal or some shit
  • no. they were regular looking bolts but flat on the top with a "t" and you actually pounded them into the deck. they had ridges in the side..once they were in..they were in for good.
  • oh t bolts lol they were before my time what are the ones im describing lol
  • yeah.. i know the ones your talking about they were early to mid 90"s cant think of an actuall brand name though..yeah those sucked too cuz if you stripped out one side the other side was still connected....nothing beats just standard hardware. =)
  • does any 1 rember the mounting hard wear that grind king had that would lay flat across the frist 2 holes flush and u only had 2 screw on the bolts
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