Where is the Summer 2013 Catalog?

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Have You Seen It?


  • nope and neither has animal chin hahahaha
  • Do you mean the real Animal Chin or Kam?

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    the real animal chin...the new ray bones decks are sick

  • Yeah... Can't say I'm feelin it too much...
  • At least come out with the full size dragon and bats. They've only ever done the "street" shape reissue
  • I really like the variety of colors. Where is Cabs pro shape?
  • Gelfands deck looks pretty cool, plus the black cab bats is rad too
  • The 3 new graphics on the bottom row are lame. The hands one has been done very recently by Zero. And yes, where is Cabs current issue?

    If it wasn't for reissues I wouldn't waste a single dollar on this company. Dissapointed.
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    I have the 8.5 black chin mask as my current park/vert deck. I love the width, length and the k15, plus the graphic is still cool. I hoping they release the chin mask t-shirts.
  • id rock the alien deck if it wasnt so big
  • Yea I don't mind that deck, it's definitely the pick of the new popsicle graphics for me
  • That cracks me up that 8.25 is too big, how old are you Bill?
  • the 90s will never die !!!!!!!!
  • it s brigade bill to you ! slippery rules !
  • I'm sorry but if Powell is going to drop their team and be a reissue/oldschool company give us something to actually ride, not this flat no concave having bullshit spoon noses.  Hey George or whoever reads this us thirty somethings want early 90's shapes and widths, fuck use the original concaves, they were pretty much perfect.  You know what two decks I've got set up right now and am riding?  An Elephant Brand Circus Train old school, (which is a barnyard with a bit more concave and new graphics), and a World Industries Dune Warner Brothers cartoon character ripoff reissue.  I don't particualery like Mike Vallely, or was ever a big fan of World Industries, but this boards are what I want in a deck and are both pressed by PS Stix.  The only Powell product I will be buying in the future are 20 plus NOS product.
  • I agree Bermyskater. Release the reissues so they are more functional. I would rather they tweak the old boards even by adding some nose to make them more skateable. In the same way Cab uses his current shape, which is pretty much his old school shape with tweaked dims, with his old school graphics on them. They would sell a lot of those.
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    The hot rod flames, ban this, and ripper decks all have k15 concave. The ban this deck reminds me of a 90's deck.
  • i skate 7.5 and 7.6
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    It's up already.... guess I'll have to wait til fall catalog... not much to see...what's ur take?

  • Finally a Cab in Cyan! Been wanting to get one again. I have the bonite one, but that has been beat to hell from way back when.  Can not ride it cause at this point, because I need a noise on my boards. But it will look nice on my wall.

  • I still wish they would make Rat Bones in PF. That way you could really skate these reissues in a bowl.
  • Yeah I hear you Paul Bound, but there are too many brainwashed Powell fans who keep buying the same 'ol shit, but in different colors.  I can just see George Powell now saying, "I keep giving 'em pig shapes, that haven't been considered functional since 1985, and they keep buying 'em!!!  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"


    Yeah guys he's laughing all the way to the bank.

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