Where is the Summer 2013 Catalog?



  • I still don't understand why they picked the pig shapes to begin with.  As you said, the spoon nose decks with concave are more functional, and they are more popular.  It can't be a "first issue" thing, because the graphics would be different....it can't be a "most popular" thing, because I refuse to believe that the pig decks sold more than the spoon nose versions.  It does seem strange that they would reissue these shapes, because I can't see them continuing to release different versions after the final two colors are released.  

    Granted I'm a lmfp fan and those are pretty darn close.....flat, but at least the shape and tail are true.
  • The new navy blue ray bones 8.75" looks pretty nice. I just got two of them. The background graphic has snakeskin and it seems to be painted like the BB reissues. I was hoping the top would also be blue  with a red dragon, but it's black with a gold dragon.
  • nice u should swing one this way so i can put it on my wall
  • yeah... more of the same shit, with the exception of no pro decks (martin excluded)
  • We need a shake up, when's Vallely coming back?
  • haha give it 3-4 years
  • not bad.. some nice looking decks in this cat
  • When can I snag the new Gelfand and the new Ripper color?!? 

    Frankly, I love riding pigs, especially in all the New Mexico ditches. I actually prefer them to longboards, so I'll def keep buying them, keep giving George and Co. my money. 
  • Bump, damn spybots!!
  • This catalog makes me sad, but it's cool if they are still working on pumping out Brigade colors.

    NOTE - the Ollie is limited to 500.
  • Want a hot pink chinese dragon. Please
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