I purchased the Bones DTF formula 62mm wheel recently and they are amazing. They really grip in parks like a softer wheel but are very fast and hard. You can slide when you need to. I added the Bones 6 Ball bearings and
I am able to get higher on the walls much faster. GREAT WHEEL!


  • thanks for the positive feedback. its always good to hear great reports form the consumer. keep ripping!
  • yeah those dtf are amazing. i had them in 56mm with the 6 ball, they were fast. it's a really good filming wheel too, like people would want to ride my board cuz of the bigger board and "huge wheels" (53mm and below are considered the normal size around here) and they were like "its so quiet and fast!" but yeah, good for any terrain, i loved them.
  • killer! those wheels are absolutely amazing and we are happy you dig them. thanks for the good words!
  • what can u say....skate one has perfected the wheel and leaves the cavemen in the dust!
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